The Left's Main Weapon Against Elon Musk and the Fight for Free Speech Is Drama

Patrick Pleul/Pool via AP

Elon Musk has now replaced Donald Trump as the most hated man in the world by the left. Where Trump was a man who threatened the establishment in Washington, Musk is now the man who threatens the establishment in both Washington and the media.

The left requires a vacuum for its narratives to thrive and Musk just released the floodgates of opposing opinions. The lack of “safety” measures that were previously employed by the platform have been ripped away and now people are stating opinions freely without fear.

This is causing an equal amount of panic and outrage from those on the left. Their main argument against allowing free expression was that extremists would start dropping racial slurs and encouraging violence. To be sure, you had people begin spamming “the N-word” from various accounts but it wasn’t enough to warrant the years of censorship the previous owners of Twitter had us under.

Still, the left is feigning concern and encouraging advertisers to pull out of Twitter until Musk “fixes” what he broke. Musk is enacting his own measures, including an $8/month Twitter Blue which will not only verify users but reward anyone who signs up with a blue checkmark of their own.

Still, the left is attempting to make it seem like Musk is opening the gates of hell and are doing its absolute best to scare off advertisers. To be sure, advertisers are definitely worried. GM, Pfizer, General Mills, and others have already paused their ads on the platform and you can bet money that they won’t be the last. Companies will be pressured to do the same, and talk is already being had behind the scenes between advertisers and their ad companies.

While that would definitely hurt Musk financially, the battleground of ideas is where the ultimate battle will take place. Advertisers will go where the people are. There’s a reason their ads are only “paused.” They’re waiting to see what the user base looks like. If it doesn’t change in any significant way, then all the virtue-signaling brands will, once again, resume trying to sell you their goods.

Leftists embarrassing (or attempting to embarrass) Musk is the real battle that will ultimately decide Twitter’s fate.

Right now, the main point of attack is to make Musk look like a hypocrite. Attacking the idea that Musk is after the goal of a free speech platform has two sides. The first is one I already mentioned. They want to make it seem that what Musk is really allowing is hateful speech that would allow white supremacists will reign supreme.

It’s a dumb idea at its core because it’s effectively the suggestion that this nation is just overflowing with KKK members who were only held back by a Twitter algorithm. It’s a narrative that relies on the tried and true Democrat scare tactic of making a threat seem much larger than it actually is. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that non-racists in this country outnumber actual racists in this country by an incredibly wide margin and judgment by skin color is so unpopular that even the mainstream-approved anti-white racism isn’t working as well as it had before. Fewer voters are swayed into pulling the lever for Democrats among minority groups.

But the opposite edge of this attack is that Musk is ultra-biased against the left and is willing to silence and ban anyone who defies him. To be clear, no one has been silenced or banned for disagreeing with Musk, but they want you to think that’s the case.

As Bonchie reported earlier, Kathy Griffin was suspended for impersonating Elon Musk. H3H3 productions suffered the same fate for the same reason.

They attempted to pass this off as being comedic and therefore, Musk banned them for practicing comedy that mocked them. Through that narrative, they can not only paint Musk as a liar but a biased one who will unfairly ban anyone for selfish reasons. It’s supposed to pass off the idea that Musk is unstable and despotic and, therefore, his platform is subject to the whims of a madman. Advertisers and users alike would do well to avoid taking part in the platform.

With that, Twitter tanks as a platform and burns. Free speech takes another step back and the left’s narrative remains relatively safe.

But it’s all fearmongering nonsense. Musk has a monumental task ahead of him and figuring out how to make the platform profitable is going to be a trial-and-error process. The claim of instability will likely have an element of truth to it but it would hardly be the whole story.

The task of the leftist is to take an element of truth and dramatize it for their purposes. A handful of people spamming racial slurs during a period of transition is fertile soil for a negative narrative that could scare people away from the corporate office to the living room.

But all of it is in the name of silencing free speech.


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