'Call Jane': Hollywood's Post-Roe Attempt to Save Abortion Bombs to the Sounds of Silence

After Roe v Wade was struck down and the power to decide on abortion’s legality was returned to the states, it was pretty much a given that Hollywood would respond in some way. To be sure, celebrities demonstrated all the rending of clothing and gnashing of teeth they possibly could on social media, but it was only a matter of time before someone came out with a film about it.


Well, they did, and you probably didn’t even know it because no one was interested enough to talk about it.

According to Bounding Into Comics, Elizabeth Banks and Sigourney Weaver decided to make a movie specifically geared to make an emotional appeal in favor of abortion. It has everything you’d expect of a feminist movie. An oppressed housewife, a radical group of women freedom fighters, and a moral need to resist the system.

The movie is called “Call Jane,” where a 60s housewife named Joy (Banks) is looking forward to having a second child, only when she gets pregnant it’s quickly made clear that the pregnancy will kill her. With society making abortion illegal and out of the question, she comes across a group called the “Janes” lead by Virginia (Sigourney Weaver) who give her the abortion she needs and sends her down a path of abortion activism.

Hilariously, the synopsis on the film’s website doesn’t mention the term “abortion” once, but it does throw words like “choice” and emphasizes women taking “control of their destinies.”

Watching the trailer makes it clear how dumb this movie can get. Joy is wholly ignored as a board of medical doctors decides that she should bring the baby to term despite a 50/50 chance she could die. When she calls the “Janes” she’s picked up and taken to get an abortion and afterward taken to a group of women who belong to the pro-abortion group, including a Catholic nun.


This is followed by wooden, eye-roll-worthy dialogue that’s just as overdramatic as what you hear abortion activists scream through bullhorns. It even sprinkles in some racial politics for good measure.

The film pushes an idea based on exceptions, not rules. Non-elective abortions make up one to three percent of abortions while the rest are done for elective reasons.

As Bounding reports, this movie that the establishment press had such praises to heap on it like “timely” failed to attract anyone at the box office, raking in a measly $243,922 in its opening weekend making it a “certified bomb.”

“Call Jane” hits all the notes that almost assure no one is going to care to see it. Like ultra-feminist shows such as Disney/Marvel’s She-Hulk, the message is so on the nose that it stops looking like a movie and starts looking like an over-long propaganda commercial for social justice politics; women good, men dumb, patriarchy evil.

Kyle Smith of the Wall Street Journal put it well:

Mostly the film is a dramatically underwhelming series of scenes built around talking points aimed wholly at a pro-choice audience eager to applaud feminism (the real-life Jane Collective claimed to facilitate 11,000 abortions) and to sneer at the men in the film, none of whom come off well.

There is less artistry to the film than there is sloganeering. “Call Jane” would be more effective if it stuck to human drama rather than having its characters make sweeping assertions that sound like stump speeches given at political rallies.


This movie is a bomb of epic proportions as well, but what’s interesting about it is how quietly it’s bombing. Normally, a film like this would be considered important to Hollywood and the establishment entities that want this message pushed, but apparently, they weren’t that moved to hype this film up too much.

So nobody came to see it for two reasons. For one, few people are actually moved to pay money to see the glitterati harp on about their ignorance-based political beliefs that overdramatize in order to propagandize. Secondly, and most commonly, no one even knew this movie existed and now that more people do, they probably won’t go see it anyway.

Another day, another feminist finger-wag session fails to sell tickets and attract eyeballs.

Fun fact: The anti-abortion movie “Unplanned” opened to over $6 million box office back in 2019.


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