The Left Is Terrified of What You Have to Say

AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File

Your free speech is always under attack by authoritarians but I’ve never seen it more challenged than it has been, at least in my lifetime. Your ability to speak your piece has never been easier and so the authoritarians have had to come up with all sorts of ways to silence you.

They come up with excuses to do it that make them seem like the moral party. They make gagging you a safety issue, or something that prevents the spread of radicalism.

The things you say are hardly radical. You notice the vaccines don’t work and so you speak out about it. You know that men and women aren’t interchangeable and that transgenderism is a mental disorder and so you say it. You may notice something off about the presidential election and so you voice your concern. There are oddities about the riot they can’t stop talking about that happened on January 6 and so you bring it up.

These are the things you’re being accused of radicalism for. These things you say would only appear extreme to those who are so embedded in their own fringe camps, to everyone else it would seem like either common sense or a point worth considering.

The dirty little secret about the left’s narrative is that it’s built on proverbial sand and it begins collapsing the moment the elements do anything to disturb the foundation. A little moving water, a gust of wind, or even a small curious child is enough to begin eroding away illogical arguments and “facts” these narratives are built on. This is why absolute control of the public square is something they work very hard on.

It’s why they want to attack any other gathering place that arises for the public to voice ideas and counterpoints. As I reported earlier today, the New York Times has begun doing just that. Usually, when a leftist rag announces a threat to our “Democracy,” especially the NYT, it’s usually followed up by well-funded activism.

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Then, of course, there was the unrelenting attempt to keep Elon Musk from obtaining Twitter, one that they ultimately failed at, and, as reported on Wednesday, Musk walked into the building holding an honest-to-God kitchen sink.

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Musk represents more than just some freedom-loving guy people like. He, like these alternative platforms, represents something that terrifies the left; dialogue. They’re terrified that you, a normal citizen without much pomp and circumstance to your name, will point out that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes and draw attention to the fact in doing so.

You, the person they scoff at while they fly over you, are a terrible force of nature that could, at any moment, speak even a little and begin the domino effect that will bring their empire of sand down on top of them. They don’t want you to know this, but you’re that powerful.

This is why they work to shut you up at every turn and use any opportunity to censor, ban, or minimize you. They know you know the truth and they shudder at the idea that you’ll gain the ability to speak it.

So speak it. Go wherever you can and say it and keep saying it. Say it until someone else is saying it, and they gather people who hear them and then they start saying what they’re saying. Don’t worry about them calling you a liar if you’re not one. State the facts, then gather more facts and state them too.

Every truth you tell chips away at their lie and every attempt at silencing you only makes their position look worse.

Go forth, ye force of nature, and destroy.


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