BREAKING: Conquering Hero Waltzes Into Castle He Just Took

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

It finally happened.

After months of advances and retreats, legal issues, questionable numbers, and no small amount of protests from leftists all over the world, Telsa/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has now marched his way into the Twitter building for the first time as the company’s new owner.


And he brought the kitchen sink with him too. No, literally.

What follows should be a pleasure to watch and experience.

Musk has made it a point to free Twitter users to be able to say what they wish to say without fear of censorship and release those who do not deserve shadowbans. Those who were banned from the platform for wrong-think will now have an open invitation to return

Moreover, Musk plans to lay off 75 percent of Twitter’s workforce. It sounds bad until you realize just how useless many of the employees are at the company. Many take off months at a time for vacation and some even do so for “mental health” effectively getting paid a salary to do nothing.

That’s not to mention that many of these employees were the same who believed people should be kept silent if their beliefs fell outside the approved leftist dogma and threw a fit over the fact that Musk would be allowing free speech and open expression on the platform.


Musk has been saying that Twitter is the “de facto town square” and should be treated as such and that free speech is integral to the health of a civilized nation.

He’s absolutely correct, and it’s far past time for the social media platform to become something more than what it is. To be sure, Musk has far more plans for the platform now that he controls it, but we’re going to have to wait and see what those plans are.

What we can likely look forward to is Twitter finally becoming profitable and not just for Musk.



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