Democrats Should Stop Lamenting Their Failure to "Get the Message Across," It's Not That

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The Democrats have a consistent excuse as to why they lost an election…ya know, besides “they cheated,” which is only something they can accuse their enemies of.

Accusing Democrats of cheating will result in punishments from various platforms because nothing says “you can trust us” like not allowing anyone to discuss abnormalities and refusing to do any investigations yourself, but I digress.

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Each time they lose it’s usually followed up with a phrase that looks something like this:

“We just didn’t get our messaging across as well as we should have.”

It’s a pretty common excuse and one that the media had picked up on. Now, apparently, Democrat influencers are doing the same, somewhat hilariously before they’ve even had a chance to lose the election. This TikTok features a woman attempting to give a rallying speech to voters.

What she fails to understand is that the voters aren’t actually there to be rallied. As RedState has been covering, Democrats have continued to lose supporters at a blistering rate due to its inability to maintain some form of moderation. Its modus operandi has become extremism and obtaining power by any means necessary. As a result, many would-be Democrats are now voting Republican.

I’d like to reiterate that this is the only path left to them since, as Reagan once said, they didn’t leave the party, the party left them.

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This isn’t due to a lack of effective messaging. No one needs to be reminded that the left is currently in control of every major platform at this time. Hollywood, television, social media, and streaming platforms from Amazon to YouTube are all firmly under the control of the left. They see to it that theirs is the message the general public sees more than any other. Googling anything will have that message front and center at the top of page one.

The issue has never been messaging, it’s the message.

Democrats have been effectively communicating their message for years and this is exactly why people are turning away. They see, time and again what it is exactly their message represents be it through Black Lives Matter riots, Antifa’s heinous terrorism, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, higher taxes, energy dependence, and spending like a drunk teenager with daddy’s credit card. They see what that messaging manifests into when their child comes home with a book that depicts graphic homosexual acts and they begin talking about their gender fluidity or their victim/oppressor status in the social justice hierarchy.

They see the two-tiered justice system, the dog and pony trials, and more importantly, who they aren’t investigating or trying to put cuffs on.

It’s all nonsense and it comes from a party that just gets more nonsensical every day.

The Democrats are continuously giving examples of their message and the people are resoundingly answering “no.” Democrats can’t seem to accept this. Their constant reaction to losses is that the party didn’t go far enough to the left, and as a result, they continue to devolve into a clownish shadow of the party’s former self.

At some point, the Democrat Party is going to have to either learn to get their act together and kick out the extremists in their party or be completely demolished and made irrelevant to the overarching culture in America, replaced by another party or parties that fill in the massive gaping hole it left behind.

While that might be a ways off, it’s the unavoidable end result of becoming something that nobody wants or likes. While those who support this kind of extremism may be loud, they aren’t actually many. Democrats can either learn this lesson now and right the ship or learn it the hard way and sink below the waves.


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