Democrats Keep Giving Americans a Reason to Doubt Biden's Position

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Try as they might, Democrats are becoming less and less adept at narrative control. Thanks, in part, to the existence of the internet, the long-running monologue that the Democrats had going with their control over the media became a dialogue.

Still, it hasn’t stopped the left from attempting to control every conversation for the purposes of narrative control. Since they can’t send people to jail for speaking the truth, their go-to move is to take away people’s ability to say certain things in today’s public town squares such as Twitter or Facebook.

One of these things they won’t let anyone talk about is the results of the 2020 election. Even suggesting that a conversation take place about it will cause social media companies to come down on you. YouTube even did it to me.

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No idea hangs around quite like a persistent mystery. Entire communities can form around a conspiracy theory and unsolved mysteries randomly come up as main topics of conversation all the time. Streaming platforms make entire shows and documentaries out of them.

The fact that Democrats and leftist entities continue to shut down any talk whatsoever about the 2020 election is only fueling more conversation and doubt around it. You can accuse people who doubt the results of being bitter conspiracy theorists all day, but in the end, the lack of answers and the forbidding of those answers even being found is only going to cause more people to disbelieve that Biden got a legitimate victory.

Moreover, it’s incredibly odd that people in positions to get to the bottom of that mystery actively avoid lifting a finger to reveal the answer.

Take, for instance, this interaction between Democrat Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and her Republican opponent Alexandra del Moral Mealer. Hidalgo attempted to corner Mealer by asking her about the 2020 election results in an effort to lump her in with the supposedly crazy conspiracy theorists on the internet, even trying to link Mealer on a moral level with January 6 rioters.

Mealer confirmed that Biden is president and that she has seen no evidence of voter fraud, however, she noted that this lack of evidence is exactly why Hidalgo should have no problem auditing the vote which she has, so far, refused to do. Mealer told Hidalgo that she’s confused as to why she’s been fighting the audit as Harris County’s sitting judge. She even pointed out Hidalgo’s hypocrisy over SB1, Texas’s voting protection laws.

The left loves to declare that 2020 was the most secure election in history but absolutely refuses to prove that it was and shuts down any conversation about it.

So, of course, there are going to be doubters and conspiracies galore.

The thing about conspiracy theories is that they typically don’t appear in a vacuum. They arrive when leadership fails to provide sufficient answers to a question many people are asking. The brain abhors an unfinished puzzle, and in an effort to finish it, people will begin filling in the blanks with what they see are the best-fitting pieces of information. Sometimes, these are wacky conclusions, but more often than not these pieces are educated guesses based on existing information.

Looking at the 2020 election, many Americans are having legitimate doubts because leaders are failing to answer questions. Logically, they’re going to begin thinking something is amiss and begin doubting the claims of people who refuse to provide proof for their positions.

If Democrats want to put this to bed, all they have to do is audit their respective areas and provide the evidence they seem to know they have. Doing so won’t silence everyone, but it’ll satiate most people.

But they won’t, and if they won’t then they can continue to expect people to doubt their very presence in the White House, further damaging their credibility with the American people.


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