Former G4TV Hosts Now Lashing out Against the Network After It Crashed and Burned Again

On Monday, RedState reported on how the network G4TV, a company that was supposed to focus on gaming and escapism but quickly became defined by social justice politics, shuttered its doors for the second, and hopefully, final time.


The network’s failure could be seen from a mile away. While there was tentative excitement about its revival, any enthusiasm quickly evaporated once one of the hosts, Indiana “Frosk” Black, went on a rant complaining about sexism amongst the gaming community and G4’s audience. She ended the rant by advising viewers that if they didn’t like her point of view, they could go watch something else, and they did.

G4 began bleeding viewers and soon the lack of audience made the business model unsustainable. After a mass of layoffs, the network announced its closure.

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Now, the same hosts that helped sink the network are blaming the network for its failure. Black, the one who made the rant that damaged the network in the first place, tweeted that her rant had been approved by the showrunners based on its DEI-focused practices. She now claims that once her rant aired, her show’s management became “openly hostile” toward her once the backlash began rolling in.


Meanwhile, Black’s co-host and G4TV veteran Adam Sessler, is also lashing out against the network for making his life “more miserable than usual.”

Both hosts are exhibiting the typical social justice advocate behavior of taking absolutely no responsibility for their own actions. Both Black and Sessler advocated for the network’s hard left turn. Sessler, in particular, had infamously said he would drink wine while his own Republican family members suffered to death.

If their own politics hadn’t taken made them so bitter toward their own viewers then the network still might exist today, but thanks to their inability to keep their politics out of everyone else’s escapism, the network crashed. That’s not to say the network doesn’t share responsibility. It, after all, did approve the script and fully backed Black’s rant at the time. It even failed to include Black in its initial layoffs, signaling to a potential audience that it still supported her.


While it’s likely that not every person who worked at G4TV deserved to lose their job, the network did deserve to fail and people like Black and Sessler have only themselves to blame for it. They shouldn’t have insulted and belittled their audience in the first place, but social justice advocacy requires divisive behaviors and statements to be made, and no one should have been surprised to find its audience divided itself away from those whose goal was alienation.


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