Velma from Scooby-Doo Is Now a Lesbian, Exposing Massive Hypocrisy from LGBT Writers

The left is out to normalize LGBT stuff to your kid, and the entertainment industry is more than willing to help that along. More and more, children’s programming is introducing characters becoming romantic with members of the same sex.


The latest comes to us in the form of Velma from Scooby-Doo who trended on Twitter when this scene of her losing her mind over a girl came out.

Another scene shows Velma getting a bit hot under the collar when the woman she’s crushing on puts a hand on her and calls her cute.

To be honest, it was only a matter of time before Velma was turned into a lesbian by the social justice wackos that have taken over the entertainment industry, and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. Velma checks a lot of boxes for predation from the social justice crowd.

She’s not classically beautiful like Daphne is drawn. She’s curvy, nerdy, and has what many consider to be a sex appeal meant for others, not for the mainstream. Indeed, over the past few years, Velma’s interests have gone from purely being wrapped up in a case to being something of a horndog towards guests.

I could go on about how they’re trying to normalize homosexuality in our children, but I’ve done that many times before. Instead, I want to focus on a glaring piece of hypocrisy that few people seem to be catching onto.

If you watch the clip above, notice that Velma’s reaction is an immediate objectification of the girl she’s attracted to. The writers tried to make it seem like it was all about personality traits and choice of clothing. It even made a reference to the woman’s “brilliant mind” but Velma had clearly not met this woman prior to this moment so there’s no way she could have known that.


To Velma, this character is clearly physically attractive, causing her glasses to fog up and her brain to short out. It’s an old trope dating back to old Warner Bros cartoons, animes, and more. It’s an action that indicates massive physical attraction, and physical attraction is the powerful urge to make a play for physical interaction.

Here’s where the hypocrisy comes in.

Men are consistently told that women aren’t there to be easy on the eyes for them. Mainstream society continuously promotes the idea that the “male gaze” is demeaning and possibly even dangerous. They tell men that looking at women and being physically attracted to them is evil because it reduces women to being sexual objects.

So it’s not okay for men to get lost in the attractiveness of a woman…but it’s okay for homosexuals to do it? Apparently, the male gaze is evil and wrong but the lesbian gaze is perfectly okay and even encouraged.

Jinkies, sure seems mighty hypocritical.

This is just more “rules for thee but not for me” nonsense from the social justice left. They can be shallow, racist, sexist, and bigoted all day but if it comes from anyone outside their protected groups then they’re absolutely horrible people who are a danger to society. The LGBT community can see anyone as purely physically attractive and express that this is just an innocent expression of romance. However, a man doing so to a woman is now considered the height of disrespect.


I doubt many people will be watching this anyway, but it is a good indicator of where the social justice activists stand. Men are evil for being attracted to women, but lesbians being attracted to women is just dandy.

Something tells me this narrative won’t survive the light of day for much longer, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be women who do the squashing. Even a decade of social justice programming won’t stop natural programming from doing its thing.

Women like men. Women want to be attractive to men. Women want men to react to their beauty.

Believe me, we will. The neon-haired left can scream and cry about it all day, but in the end reality wins.


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