Gavin Newsom May Have Flouted His State's Laws for His Own Benefit Again With Travel to Texas

AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

According to California state law, official government travel isn’t allowed to certain states due to political disagreements, with Texas being one of them, and yet California Governor Gavin Newsom showed up in Texas for a campaign opportunity.


According to Fox News, Newsom traveled to the Lone Star State in order to take part in the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas, where he spoke on stage about the Republican strategy to “dominate with illusion” and how it’s working to crush Democrats.

Democrats are actually crushing themselves with their own backward and incompetent policy making, but I digress.

As Fox News reported, California has strict rules against official travel from California to various states:

California has banned state-funded travel to states with “discriminatory laws.” The state first passed the law in 2017 in reaction to North Carolina preventing transgender people from using restrooms that aligned with their own identity. In the ensuing years, the list of banned states ballooned from four to nearly two dozen.

This is the second time Newsom appeared in a state he banned official travel to, the first one being Montana, where he vacationed just this summer. Newsom claims that his trip to Montana came out of his own wallet, insisting he broke none of his own laws, a thing he famously does.

However, what he left out last time was that his security detail had come with him on the vacation. As Jennifer Van Laar reported during the Montana trip, both security detail, car, and driver are provided by the California Highway Patrol. While not confirmed as of yet, it’s highly likely his security detail was with him again in Texas.


The trip was, of course, official business. Newsom is running to defend his seat as governor and his trip to Texas was a perfect opportunity for publicity. There is also a rumor that he’s planning to run for President in the near future and appearing in various places across the nation now in order to increase his public persona is rule one of the campaign playbook.

Newsom has denied these rumors for his part, including during his stop in Texas, but this is likely a move to keep his current goal of staying California’s governor front and center. Once he’s achieved that, his ambition will be revealed.

In either case, if his security detail did follow him, and it’s highly likely that it did, Newsom paying for their time, room, and board is unlikely, and if they did, a law that Newsom laid down was violated for Newsom.


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