They're Lying, You're Not All Welcome Here

If you were to ask 100 random people to name the most prevalent form of evil in America today, you’d get various answers but most of them would center around buzzwords they’ve heard a million times from the mainstream media. Immediately, things like “white supremacy,” or “racism” would take the number one responses. Some would definitely say “Nazis” while some might even say “Magas.”

And why wouldn’t they? The media has invested a lot of time and effort into making sure people associate these words with the worst of the worst. For people who spend most of their time living their lives, it’s hard to know anything other than what the mainstream tells them.

While racism and other forms of bigotry are definitely evil, the most prevalent villain in today’s America isn’t anything President Joe Biden rattled off during his red-tinted diatribe. The most dominant form of evil is social justice.

Social justice or the “woke” is an ideological form of conquest that seeks to weed out every other ideology around it through a mix of social pressure, the legal system, and physical violence. It’s a near-religious belief that creates its own zealots willing to go to any lengths necessary to achieve its goals. Whom they deem as guilty can change from one moment to the next and whether or not you’re actually innocent doesn’t matter. Even if you were a celebrated hero on Tuesday, you may be their chief target for destruction on Wednesday.

Social Justice preys on people’s will to root out evil and do good by creating victims and oppressors, and the fastest way to do that is to focus solely on characteristics that are skin-deep. The color of your skin, your sex, or your sexuality can all be used to paint you as either a villain or a hero. If you’re white, for instance, you’re evil or at the very least, enjoy a privilege at the expense of other races. It goes on and on with being male, straight, and even Christian being the absolute worst of the worst.

This allows them to do very evil things in the name of doing good. For instance, they can claim that they’re evening a playing field by engaging in discrimination in everything from the workplace to the classroom. They can reward people with respect based on skin color, forcing others to endure anything from inconveniences to life-ruining occurrences.

They can seize control of corporations without ever becoming CEOs, and like a virus, force the company to produce things that advance its cause. When a negative response inevitably comes, the woke can then turn around and pretend the resistance is all about the racism and bigotry of the other.

Case in point, here’s the response from Amazon’s “Rings of Power” Twitter account to criticisms it’s receiving about the show’s bastardization of Tolkien’s work.

The idea that most people are attacking the show because they’re racist is ludicrous. The show is just bad and it corrupts a very well-known and beloved story.

But notice the wording about how “all are welcome.” Even Star Wars got in on the act, and they also pulled a very similar stunt by accusing its audience of racism for its lackluster Obi-Wan Kenobi show.

This is probably the greatest lie from the social justice community. All are not welcome. If they were then Gina Carano would still have her job. If all were welcome then conservatives would have a welcome seat at the table in any given situation.

The weapon wielded by the social justice advocates is exclusion. It allows them to turn people against one another with false accusations of hatred and bigotry. With exclusion, they can control narratives, rid themselves of troublesome people, and influence the language.

Again, this isn’t a welcoming ideology. Its intent is subjugation. It’s evil, and an evil that should be fought relentlessly and unapologetically.


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