Leftist Group Tries to Mimic Project Veritas With Undercover Footage of Ted Cruz but Only Embarrasses Itself

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If there’s one group that’s done some serious damage to the left, it’s Project Veritas. Its undercover footage has exposed some of the wildest secrets of the left be it top execs at Twitter to elected officials.


Naturally, the left would want to emulate this in some regard, but like their inability to meme, they also have an inability to get undercover footage.

A video from a group called “Undercurrent” is seen speaking to Texas Senator Ted Cruz at an event. The woman says she loves the fact that Cruz wants to defund the IRS and then also notes that the FBI should be defunded too. Cruz says that the abuses of the FBI cannot go unpunished and said there needs to be a “housecleaning” of the agency.

And that’s it.

The left is treating it as some “gotcha” moment for Cruz but while they’re patting themselves on the back, Cruz himself decided to weigh in on the video and confirm that everything he said is something he stands by.


As CNN’s Daniel Dale notes, this undercover sting isn’t anything to write home about. Dale points out that Cruz doesn’t actually agree to the defunding, but instead pivots to “housecleaning,” and also that head nods and head-shakes don’t actually count as answers.

“That’s some weak sauce,” tweeted Dale.

The best part is that if Cruz had actually said he’d love to defund the FBI, it’d be hard for his base to disagree. Right now, the FBI is clearly a weaponized agency for the Democrats that has enough time on its hands to raid the homes of former presidents and manipulate social media companies into censoring news stories that may harm the Democrat Party.

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There are pockets of Republicans not just saying they want the FBI defunded, but disbanded. If they were hoping to pull support away from Cruz by claiming he said he’d defund the FBI, then he only made them like him more. Still, as Dale notes, Cruz never actually agreed to that.


The purpose of undercover footage is to grab someone saying something that they wouldn’t dare say in public for fear of what would happen if what they were saying was heard by general audiences. Cruz was speaking to people in public, saying things he wanted to be heard saying.

This “undercover” video is what you’d see if a child saw their parents taking undercover footage and wanted to mimic doing it themselves. It’s a silly attempt at doing something people far better at it has done and failing miserably.


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