The Interesting Difference in How Both Sides of the Political Aisle Handle Each Other's Message

(AP Photo/John Locher)

The left and the right are separated in many ways, that much is apparent. But when you really look into how they treat each other’s message, you start to see something quite interesting. Something that makes it clear how they view their message vs. how they see their enemy’s message.

The left is famous for censorship. There are no two ways about it. They will go out of their way to silence or impede their opponents in any way they can. They may attempt to pursue legal recourse or, as is usually the case, they’ll attempt to use public pressure to push people into silencing themselves or pressuring their place of work to shut them up for them.

The goal is absolutely narrative dominance. Minimizing the right’s ability to get their message out leaves a vacuum that can be filled with more and more narrative. More talking points, bad information, or just all-out lies. The less their opponents can be heard, the louder the left becomes.

This has two benefits. For one, without hearing an argument, people will only have one narrative by which to define any conversation. They can control the language used when referencing anything, giving their narrative an automatic advantage on any battleground.

Secondly, it makes it seem as if more experts, more influencers, and more people overall agree with the leftist message. Peer pressure is built right into censorship. If people think they’re outnumbered or the odd man out, they’ll be far more liable to stay that much quieter.

For a time, the left had it pretty easy with messaging. They had a monopoly on stages. From news stations to movie studios, the left could inject any message they wanted no matter how subtle. This wouldn’t hold forever, though. Rush Limbaugh’s arrival on the national stage sent the left into a frenzy, and their attempts to censor him only made him more powerful. Soon, he spawned an entire movement of right-leaning media that has grown very powerful as well.

This makes it more important than ever for the left to censor the right, and they’ve gone to great lengths to do so, especially on the social media front.

Meanwhile, the right takes a wildly different approach. The exact opposite, in fact, and the left is to be blamed for it.

That monopoly that the left had on messaging forced members of the right to know how to argue well, and that their entire arguments had better be backed up with fact. Logic and reason tend to have a very jarring effect on those who haven’t heard it in some time, and it can either sway them to their side or cause them to retreat even further to the left.

This right learned how to use the internet to spread its message very effectively, resulting in an entire culture springing up around it. They learned how to utilize memes to great effect, as well as how to become very popular citizen journalists and commentators.

The left noticed this and tried to match, and it just came off as awkward and disingenuous. They try to make their own memes, their own commentary shows, and more. However, try as they might, they can’t seem to garner the following the right commentators and meme-makers do. Oftentimes it just looks bizarre.

Altogether, this created how the right views how it handles the left’s message. It doesn’t want to censor it at all. In fact, it wants very badly for everyone to see and hear it. Every weirdo, every bad logic train, every threat, and every cringe moment needs to be thrown into the public where it can be viewed by as many people as possible.

Looking at these two approaches, it really tells you how they view each other’s messages.

The left seems to fear what the right has to say. They’re terrified that its arguments will reach the ears of the general populace and begin challenging the left’s narrative to great effect. Their talking points, which can only survive in a vacuum, whither and die when exposed to right-leaning logic. So the name of the game is to silence their opponent.

Meanwhile, the right sees the left’s message as incredibly silly and dumb. They want people to hear it so that they can then introduce their argument and show people just how ridiculous the left is. It’s almost fun for the right to do, and a lot of enjoyment has been had in allowing the more insane members of the left to take the stage.

One wants to hide it all from you and the other wants it all to be seen.


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