You're in a Political War and It's Time We Start Acting Like It

I’d like to tell you that the raiding of Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago was a turning point in our Constitutional Republic, but the truth is that it started long ago.

While there are other historical examples of people in power using federal agencies to go after American citizens, we can simply go back to President Barack Obama, where he was using the IRS as a way to punish tea party groups that defied him. The IRS would eventually offer an apology for its conduct in 2017.

The apology was nice, but the damage was done and I don’t just mean to the tea party groups. I mean the American people had every reason to lose faith in the system they found themselves under. From then on, having a suspicion that you were just one wrong move away from having the government target you because it carried a grudge wasn’t a tinfoil hat kind of thought. It happened and it was likely to happen again.

And it did. It happened to Trump’s political consultant Roger Stone when the FBI arrested him during a pre-dawn raid. It happened again when the DOJ and FBI targeted parents who showed up angry at school board meetings over the abuse of their children.

And now we have the raid on Mar-a-Lago which was conducted based on some flimsy excuse around some boxes filled with, what appears to be, momentos. In all likelihood, this wasn’t about the boxes at all, but a desperate attempt to find anything that would be able to prohibit Trump from running in 2024 when it seems he would very likely clean the clock of any Democrat who ran against him.

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But take note of not just who they’re going after. Also, pay attention to who they aren’t going after. They won’t touch Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she was found to have violated the law with her private server. There’s a laptop filled with Hunter Biden’s misdeeds, some of which point to dirty dealings that may involve his father, the President. Nancy Pelosi’s family is blatantly guilty of insider trading.

It’s pretty clear that if you’re a Democrat, then high crimes and misdemeanors are really just fun things you can get up to and laws are more like the Pirate’s Code; more suggestions than actual rules.

As it stands, you are on the business end of a very large stick currently wielded by the Democrats. They’re making it heavier to boot. They’ve recently infused the IRS with billions of dollars and have hired 87,000 more agents, most of which are specifically tasked with “enforcement.” This is the same IRS that was used to harass and intimidate tea party groups.

The raid on Donald Trump is, by far, the most high-profile weaponization of a government agency to date. It was the Democrat Party openly using the justice system as a tool to move against a political opponent and not just groups of Americans who don’t like the government, but a man who could actively threaten their grip on power at the highest level of government.

This is the Democrats wielding power against citizens that may inconvenience or threaten them. If they’re willing to do that, what makes you think you’re safe? Become too good at speaking out against them and they may bash down your door or send the IRS to make your life a living hell and cripple you by the bank account.

They’re willing and ready to do it. They’re gearing up to do it more.

Your best means of recourse isn’t just to strip them of power by voting them out. Simply replacing Democrats with Republicans is just a means to temporarily slow them down. It’s not a solution.

You must vote in Republicans who are ready and willing to make big plays such as defunding government bureaucracies and even eliminating some of them as well. They must be willing to investigate and prosecute criminals within the system no matter how powerful they are. They must lock doors they close, seeing to it that Democrats cannot revive these organizations when the pendulum swings the other way.

This is more than just a matter of D vs. R. This is a matter of a country being free and fair. This is about the difference between a dictatorship and a republic. We don’t just need better policymakers, we need policy unmakers. We need to people who will walk in and begin burning it down from within Washington.

If a Republican isn’t willing to do that then he or she isn’t a Republican worth voting for.

Consider yourself a soldier in a war you’re currently losing because your officers won’t make the moves and adopt the strategies necessary to win.


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