Biden Isn't the Democrat Party's Biggest Problem

It’s easy to direct attention to the figurehead when everything is going wrong. To be sure, President Joe Biden spends a lot of time in the spotlight, but definitely not in a way that Democrats would appreciate. Judging by the polls, many Democrats would rather Biden quietly fade away and never be mentioned again.

But even if he did disappear tomorrow, the Democrats would be left with the same issue that they had before he arrived. It shouldn’t be forgotten that Biden is the symptom, not the disease. Getting rid of Biden will only see him replaced by someone who will be just as toxic to the Party.

The party has many issues.

Firstly, it’s a party split in two with leadership teams that do not see eye to eye, and what makes it worse is that both of these leadership teams aren’t doing anything for the party. The first team is the establishment team mostly led by octogenarians who have become so entrenched that they’ve more than learned to make Washington work for them instead of working for the people. They can be as blatantly corrupt as they please and there will be no investigations or reprisal.

This includes people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Steny Hoyer, James Clyburn, and Dick Durbin. These are dinosaurs from another age who made themselves untouchable and rich. They lost sight of what it means to be a public servant long ago. They are now the very definition of the “ruling class” and they have no issues with being hypocritical or flat-out false. They know there will be nothing at all that can harm them, and they act like it.

The other team is the radicals represented by AOC and the rest of her squad. These are activists in politicians’ expensive clothing. They want the power the establishment Democrats have and combined with the millennial drive for online fame, they utilize the internet to throw out outrage bait, half-truths, or all-out lies, and sensationalist claims in order to sway the populace in their direction. Their goal for power isn’t just self-enrichment but also the implementation of Marxist systems. They’re ideologically single-minded and they’ll reach these goals by any means necessary. They don’t even have qualms about violence and actively encourage it.

Both sides are hotbeds of corruption and anti-Americanism. Both sides clearly don’t have the best intentions for the American people. As such, both sides are driving away the American people, and not by a little.

(Red Tsunami: The Million-Voter Shift to the Republican Party Isn’t Waking up Democrats)

To be sure, Democrats have a rabid fanbase who would gladly vote for them even if their favorite politician was chopping them up with an ax while they pull the lever, but even this fanbase is helping to turn off voters. Their support used to be hidden behind messaging and selective media coverage. Now, thanks to social media platforms like TikTok, they have no filter and we’re seeing them for what they are. It scares people away.

It all adds up to a simple fact: The Democrat Party is too extreme and corrupt for America. There is no good guy fighting the good fight within the party. Sure, there are moderates, but they’re so few and far between that they’re the exception, not the rule.

If Democrats truly wanted to turn the party around then it would have to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. The career politicians would have to be cast out, the radicals would have to be pushed away, and a reprioritization would have to happen in terms of beliefs and goals. The Marxist outcomes they desire would have to be completely rejected and the party would have to drift back toward the right.

Could this happen? Anything is possible, but is it probable? Not really. The Democrat Party’s destruction would have to be nearly total. A lot of politicians would have to lose their jobs, sure, but so would a lot of activists and media figures. Even CEOs and board members of various corporations would have to find themselves jobless.

The tumor runs deep, maybe too deep.

But if we’re going to use this metaphor, then it should be noted that what I’m talking about is surgery. The more likely scenario might look like something more akin to chemotherapy. It’ll be slow and painful for the Democrat Party, but the treatment would be necessary for it to save itself from itself. Slowly the culture would have to migrate back toward the center and the radicals would have to become out of vogue. Their lack of societal clout would see them dwindle away. Many would lose their jobs be it from the television studio to the community organizer.

There just wouldn’t be a demand for them anymore.

Again, this would take a very long time as there are a lot of players and a lot of people who would fight tooth and nail to keep their corrupting influence in play, but if the Democrat voters really wanted it they’d make it happen. Perhaps it already is as we can see something of a slow societal shift happening that’s moving us away from woke culture, but even so, there’s a long road ahead of them and we may not see a complete turnaround in our lifetime.

But this is all a “maybe.” At the moment, the Democrat Party is in shambles and replacing its leadership isn’t going to help it, at least not for long.


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