Nothing Tastes Better to a Leftist Than Another Leftist

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You’re about to bear witness to another civil war, but this won’t be fought between conservatives and leftists. Not that they don’t want to prove Darwin correct by attacking all the people who have all the guns, but mostly because leftists have found much more desirable targets.

Other leftists.

The Democrat civil war has been coming for some time and only now is it really starting to shift into a higher gear. The fight is between establishment Democrats and the current crop of radicals that have infected the party, turning it into a mess of sensationalist woke scolds that have no grip on reality and introducing a sense of severity to every event that happens in the world.

Many predicted that the fight would likely happen between moderate Democrats and the radicals, and indeed that fight still might come, but it looks like the first bout of this civil war is being fought between the new radicals and the old radicals. As RedState previously covered, radical feminists have suddenly found themselves to be public enemy number one with the new set of leftist activists.

It used to be that feminists ruled the roost…and it wasn’t that long ago. The Women’s March, Slut Walks, and the #MeToo movement were just yesterday in the grand scheme of things. We were supposed to “believe all women” just a moment ago.

Yet, despite the fact that they were the de facto leaders of the leftist ideological complex they’ve been pushed aside by the transgender movement, which has replaced it as the flagship group. Now women don’t exist. They’re referred to as “birthing people” or “menstruators.” You can no longer say that you’re “proud to be a woman” because that is apparently “transphobic.”

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Naturally, this was going to threaten the feminist movement. Not only is it pushing women out of their rightful place of womanhood, but the transgender community is committing an even greater sin; it’s taking victimhood from leftist women.

The left’s primary currency is victimhood. The more of it you have, the more powerful you are. Transgender people have convinced America that the value of its victimhood is far greater than that of a mere woman. As such, it behooves the feminists to launch some sort of counter-attack in order to not be erased from both their womanhood and their position of power.

Thus you have feminists denouncing the transgender ideas of what constitutes a woman, including celebrities like J.K. Rowling and Bette Middler.

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When you’re in competition for victimhood, it’s absolutely necessary to destroy anyone who may devalue your own. By reclaiming the title of “woman,” the feminists are pushing back against the transgender movement. If they’re successful, it will have some very interesting effects on the current mainstream narrative about the transgender movement as a whole. It will be the total societal denunciation of the claim that men can be women and visa versa if feminists win.

To be clear, not all women are fighting the transgender movement to preserve feminism. Most are doing it for the right reason, which is to prevent societal decay, secure the importance of women in our society, and keep women’s spaces safe. However, the feminists are doing it because if men and women are interchangeable then there is no feminism. It will all be “gender inclusivity.”

They will eat each other alive, and each victory they win over each other will give them far more joy than any victory they’ve had in the past. With each win, they get to inject themselves with more victimhood and become more powerful for it.



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