Pro-Abortion Protesters Think They Have a Brilliant Solution to Roe's Overturning

The pro-abortion crowd promises a lot of things in their tantrums whenever they lose a battle, and Roe v Wade being overturned was their largest L to date. In their blind rage, many women have made a vow that is being echoed as far as overseas.


As the Daily Wire highlighted, pro-abortion women have gone on a #SexStrike, promising that until Roe is restored they will close their legs and refuse to let any man between them. This doesn’t just include hookup culture, this also means that wives will deny their husbands sex too.

The whole entire argument for Roe is that women can’t just stop having sex and therefore abortions need to be available on-demand and without apology…yet, here they now are saying that they’re more than capable of practicing celibacy through the power of spite.

No matter how they arrived at it, this solution was the one pro-lifers had been suggesting from the beginning. Either use more contraceptives or don’t have sex. It’s that simple. In fact, the latter guarantees you won’t’ get pregnant, seeing as how the former sometimes fails.

Abortion advocates warned that hookup culture would be “decimated” when the draft opinion was leaked.


all the pro-life men who love plan b i am speaking to you directly #roevwade

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While it’s unlikely that some of these women will just stop hopping in bed with random partners, a woman being more choosey about who her partner is would only do more to help the human race than not. Haphazard sex with random people has been the cause of quite a few problems in our society, not just unwanted pregnancies, but also sexually transmitted diseases and depression.

So no accidental pregnancies, and better mental and physical health.

It would appear that these pro-abortion protesters are onto something that would make humanity better overall. Hookup culture is something of a plague on humanity despite being told that noncommittal sex is healthy and fun. It can’t be denied that it is fun, but healthy is questionable. Smoking cigarettes also provide a temporary boost to one’s mood but is undeniably toxic in the end.

The good news is that if these women are willing to close their legs out of spite then they don’t need Roe. Problem solved.


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