James Woods Checkmates NY Gov. Hochul After She Tries Vilifying Carrying In Self-Defense

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is none too happy about the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down a New York law that required “proper cause” to obtain a concealed-carry license in the state. According to the highest court in the land, you don’t need to give the government a reason to carry a firearm because it is and has always been a right.


This leaves Hochul with no other recourse but to throw temper tantrums that look like a grown-up complaining, and naturally, the leftist news media is only too happy to let her throw her fits in front of their cameras.

It was on CBS’s morning show that Hochul was asked about the people saying that they want to carry a gun in order to protect themselves from crime, which is perfectly understandable, especially in a state like hers.

“I say that makes everyone else feel very unsafe,” said Hochul.

The New York governor then went into saying that a person concealed carrying a firearm could be easily triggered when they’re at a bar or if someone looks at their girlfriend as if gun violence is so common that people die all the time because someone looked at another person. It was a moment that exposed the fact that Hochul clearly didn’t have a very good answer to that question.

She then said she didn’t mind people having guns for the protection of their own homes or hunting, saying they’ve always “allowed that” further showing New York Democrats don’t know what a right is. When she was asked about legal gun owners being blamed for criminal action, Hochul turned it right back around and blamed it on us citizens for not locking up their guns well enough, saying that 25 percent of gun crime is done with stolen guns.


As you can see, Hochul is after you and your rights. Every action she’s taking involves complicating your ability to own and carry.

You apparently can’t be trusted to have a firearm to defend yourself with because you, a law-abiding citizen, are just too volatile and irresponsible. When it comes to protecting yourself when walking around outside your home, it’s apparently better for everyone if you just rely on pure luck to survive a dangerous situation. According to Hochul, guns are just too dangerous to be used for the protection of the self, and besides, it makes others feel unsafe.

How they would feel unsafe around you given the fact that it’s concealed is beyond me, but I digress.

Actor James Woods, however, noticed something very interesting about Hochul’s position about having firearms around for protection. If you watch a video he posted of Hochul walking down the street, you can see she’s being guarded by no less than eight guns.


It’s proof positive that Hochul doesn’t actually believe what she’s saying. She clearly understands that having firearms is an excellent choice for deterring trouble and the best protection if something goes down.

She just doesn’t believe in it for you. You have to be at the mercy of the fates. Meanwhile, Hochul, like many Democrats, believes they deserve to be protected by firearms.

Privileges for me, but not for thee. It’s hypocrisy at its worst.


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