The Parasitic Nature of Woke Culture

Want to see a movie whose characters and storyline primarily revolve around leftist socio-political tropes?


Well, you’re not alone. Few movies and television shows that have woke themes typically aren’t viewed by a good many people. A solid example is the 2019 feminist “Charlie’s Angels” reboot directed by Elizabeth Banks.

The same can be said about Ocean’s 8, the 2016 Ghostbusters, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Wonder Woman 1984. Star Wars has taken a massive dive and it’s looking like Lord of the Rings is going to be ruined by Amazon.

They all have more than one thing in common. They’re all movies that contain leftist messaging, and they’re all movies that coopted a successful brand or franchise to do it. It’s not an accident either. If you were to strip woke culture messaging down to its most realistic form, it would be an idea that very few would embrace.

Its entire premise relies on pushing the idea that there are bad groups in our society that are bad because of their sex and skin color, and that these groups need to be suppressed in various ways to make society better. It posits that one group may be as cruel and unusual as it wants to be because it is burdened by societal oppressors. It’s the idea that our society should have sacred cows made out of identity groups and that those groups should be able to rule over others and even punish those who reject their authority.

If you knew nothing about woke culture in America and just read this ideological premise for what it was, you’d think the Nazis had returned, and you’d be right to.

Looking at woke culture’s direct attempts to introduce itself through its own literature has resulted in failure after failure and even backlash. Books and videos made for kids are often met by direct action from parents, resulting in a loss of power for leftist woke culture overall.

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As a result, the left has turned to its most influential platforms to carry its message for them. They inject their politics into something they know you love and cherish in hopes that somehow doing so will normalize their cancer in your life.

So now you don’t just get Lord of the Rings, you get Lord of the Rings and a commentary about feminism and diversity. You no longer get a superhero movie, you get superheroes endorsing LGBT culture. You don’t get late-night comedy shows, you get propaganda with a laughing audience. You don’t swimsuit editions of sports magazines, you get fat acceptance in swimsuits. You no longer get reviews and news about your escapism, it now comes with rants about feminism.

Woke culture, like a parasite, must cling to a host in order to survive. The thing is, like most parasites, it drains the host body of vitality and strength. If not treated it will kill the host over time. You can see it happening even now to very large hosts such as Disney, which has released woke stinker after woke stinker and is now almost 50 percent down in stock price.

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Like a parasite, woke culture is unnatural to the host body. It is a societal evil attempting to pass itself off as a moral good. It’s clearly not.

If it was, then our society would embrace it as a solid idea without the need to weave it into successful brands and stories we already accept as great. It should be able to stand by itself, but it can’t.


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