Elon Musk's Meeting With Twitter Leaked, Shown Telling Employees Free Speech Is 'Essential'

Patrick Pleul/Pool via AP

Prepare the safe spaces and get ready to hear screams into the sky because Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s meeting with Twitter employees was probably not one many of them were happy with.


Project Veritas obtained and posted the footage where it’s been making the rounds on Twitter.

Project Veritas posted the highlights of the meeting where Musk is seen telling the Twitter employees that “it’s essential to have free speech” and that people should be able to “communicate freely.” He also wanted to “make sure we’re not, sort of, driving a narrative.”

Musk noted that he wants to increase trust in Twitter and in order to do that, he said it’s “extremely important that there’d be transparency,” something that the site has been historically notorious for lacking in the past.

The video cuts to Musk asking employees if the media narrative has ever gotten it right, to which he said would be “almost never, not never, but almost never.”

At one point, a Twitter CMO Leslie Berland asked him about his political views, to which Musk described himself as a “moderate.” This, however, does not stop him from believing that people with extreme views should be able to post them within the bounds of the law.


“There’s freedom of speech and freedom of reach,” said Musk.

You can watch the full thing here.

Twitter employees have been making it no secret that they dislike Musk, whom they view as somewhat of a Trumpian figure. Project Veritas has previously captured a Twitter executive insulting the Tesla CEO.

They’re probably even more worried now that Musk openly advertised his intention to vote Republican, going so far as to back it up by voting for Mayra Flores in Texas.

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According to the Daily Wire, Musk also warned employees that they would be coming into the office with exceptions being cleared by him personally. Moreover, any employee that hasn’t been pulling their weight within the company will be laid off. Twitter employees have been caught on video by Project Veritas admitting that they hardly work, and take off weeks at a time for “mental health” reasons.


Should Musk take over the social media company, it’s highly likely that many of the employees Musk spoke to today won’t be around for long. Twitter is, according to one of its senior engineers, something of a socialist hellscape and even if they aren’t laid off, it probably won’t be long till they’re making their own way to the door or fired due to intentional sabotage or lack of following the new rules.


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