Trump Made Scarily Accurate Predictions About What Would Happen if Democrats Took Over

Trump Made Scarily Accurate Predictions About What Would Happen if Democrats Took Over
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Former President Donald Trump must be the modern-day Nostradomas because before the election, he made some predictions about what would happen if Joe Biden was elected, and sure enough, they came true.

Admittedly, it wasn’t hard to see what would happen if Democrats put their agenda into motion. Disaster usually tends to follow assaults on the economy and the implementation of radical left strategies. That said, it’s almost as if the left wanted to prove Trump correct in his predictions.

In a very well done video, Biden is giving a scripted speech about predictions the GOP had made before the election, but someone cut it with Trump soothsaying to a crowd about the issues that would arise the moment the left seized power.

Trump foretells of a grab at your firearms and predicts that instead of an all-around ban (which is impossible) they’ll try to restrict your firearms usage incrementally, one type of firearm at a time. Which they are doing.

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Trump also predicted, first and foremost, that Biden would attack the energy industry and send gas prices up to five to six dollars a gallon. Which is it has.

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Trump predicted that illegal aliens would flood the United States, increasing crime, while the elitists stay safe behind their guarded, gated compounds. This is one of the biggest problems we now have.

He even predicted that Democrats would spend billions protecting the borders of foreign nations and getting involved in foreign wars. The fact that the left is decorating every available surface with Ukraine flags and sending billions of dollars to the country to help it defend itself from foreign invasion from Russia proves that this is true as well.

Trump’s predictions were clearly ignored by a good deal of the populace. Perhaps they were so wrapped up in the media frenzy of hate that was thrown his way that they couldn’t be bothered to heed his warning. Either that or they truly didn’t think things were going to get that bad under the Democrats and were just ready to get rid of mean tweets.

Regardless, the worst has come to pass and we’re currently living in a country descending into poverty, crime, and blaming innocent citizens for the actions of crazed gunmen.

Love him or hate him, I think it’s pretty clear that we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in now if we’d kept Democrats out of the White House, but perhaps this is a valuable lesson for America. Even if the predictions about what leftists will do seem hyperbolic…they’re not.

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