The Left Doesn't Defend Cultures, They Dominate Them

AP Photo/Alastair Grant

When you pull back and look at it from a great figurative height, culture is a massive, ever-evolving beast. It’s in a constant state of flux as other ideas, methods, traditions, and other cultures are introduced to it. Those who belong to a specific sub-culture may look back to 20 years ago and see that it currently looks very little like it did back then. Even greater cultures, such as national or regional cultures, change over the course of hundreds of years.

Culture is a living thing because it’s driven by humanity, and people evolve in beliefs, ideas, technology, and systems. It can be sad to look back and see the old left behind in order to embrace the new, but it’s a part of life, and in the end, it’s a good thing. Cultures should naturally change over time. It keeps it fresh and healthy, and while not everything within the culture changes for the better, eventually it corrects itself.

Sometimes it does so in drastic ways. A world war can change many cultures all at once, but it’s a reaction to a forced application of change that isn’t natural.

You can spot an unnatural change in a culture pretty easily. It sticks out like a giant pimple on an otherwise unblemished face. It usually comes about when a group introduced division where it isn’t necessary. Over time the problem escalates until a boiling point is reached and the cause of the division is addressed. A lot of times, it happens at the end of a gun. Sometimes, it happens with a societal revolution of thought.

I say all of this because the left is attempting to introduce that unnatural change to society and despite repeated attempts at letting them know this isn’t going to be embraced, they continue to push with more and more zeal. It’s almost as if their strategy is some sort of hyper-normalization. They figure the harder they push it on us, the faster we’ll accept it.

This is a pretty foolish take but it’s not unwarranted. The left has had control over the culture for decades and decades, with very little in terms of opposition. This is only now beginning to shift, but the left had hitherto no reason to think the strategy wouldn’t work. Normalization has been, for lack of a better term, the norm for the left for ages. Only lately have they begun turning it up a notch in response to the massive pushback they’ve gotten thanks to its mainstream media losing its sole control of the narrative.

This hyper-normalization comes with strategies that force change in culture. Take, for instance, the insistence by the left to define an entire culture by a title they’ve largely and vocally rejected on multiple occasions.

The phrase “Latinx” has been used by the radical left to describe the Hispanic community in America for some time, and despite repeated objections to it, the left continues to use it without shame. In fact, its rejection of the title prompted radical leftist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to effectively tell people who don’t like it that they’re being dramatic.

To be clear, “Latinx” is a political term, not a cultural one. Its purpose is to take into account the various “identities” that exist within Latin culture, but they already have an all-inclusive phrase for that to begin with. It’s “Latin.”

The left likes to sell itself as a great protector and respecter of cultures, but you can clearly see that it’s not. It wants to unnaturally bend that culture to fit inside its political box in order to claim it as falling under its umbrella. It wants to claim ownership of that culture by forcing it to define itself by the radical left’s lexicon.

The question the left needs to ask itself is: what will the outcome of this forced shift be? Will it be compliance?

History says no, at least not for long. As we can see, the Latin community is pulling away from the left already, and with every passing day the left seems more than happy to give them a reason to. In fact, judging by the stats exhibited by many different groups, pulling away from the left is the trend.

It’s easy to understand why. No culture wants to be dominated and right now, domination is all the left seems to be able to offer.


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