J.K. Rowling Had the Perfect Name for Woke Culture

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

One thing that I’ve seen continuously brought up is how many of the problems we’re suffering from in today’s society didn’t exist some 30 years ago. In fact, many of these issues such as an increase in gender dysphoria, school shootings, imposter syndrome, and massive increases in anxiety, seem to have developed very quickly and from seemingly out of nowhere.

It’s highly likely that many of these things are linked together in one way or another, but for now, we’ll focus on one in particular, and that’s the idea of gender fluidity.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, one of the few celebrities unafraid to speak out in favor of real women in the face of women’s spaces being overtaken by trans radicals, was commenting about how women are paying “real-world consequences” for the redefining of women. She centered on a name for this kind of thinking that I think accurately nails the idea of gender fluidity.

She calls it “luxury beliefs.”

It’s an apt description.

Decades ago there was no internet and your local community was the widest your communication with the outside world got. To do almost anything you had to step foot outside your front door and interact with the world. Work still required an office, grocery shopping meant showing up to a grocery store, and even communication between two people over a distance still required the use of a telephone which meant actual speech, not texting. You could mail letters, but the hassle meant more thought would go into it than a simple line or two.

Yet despite all this social interaction, anxiety was far lower. We knew our community members, worked alongside them, shopped alongside them, went to PTA meetings, had BBQs, attended church, celebrated birthdays, and more. These weren’t faceless strangers we were trying to impress on the internet for temporary fame and serotonin boosts. These were living, breathing people that we knew well.

Today, we don’t have to go outside our front door at all if we don’t want to. Work is done from home now more than ever. A few swipes on a phone and everything from groceries to new clothes will show up at your door. Many people don’t know their neighbors’ names because interaction with humanity is done through social media with people you’ve never met halfway across the country. People post their lives on these platforms, allowing impersonal comments and “likes” to satiate their need for social fulfillment.

For some time we were even encouraged not to interact with each other due to a virus.

Anxiety has never been higher as a result. We’re a pack animal that is now afraid of hanging out in packs, and my guess is that this has resulted in some very odd side effects. One of them is woke culture

It’s easy to push something on someone when they’re isolated and anxious. Fear makes the mind malleable, and when you combine this with un-reality you can really push ridiculous beliefs on people. The fear of being canceled, not being able to say your true thoughts and feelings, being convinced that more people think in radical ways than not, and much more can have people convinced that they need to think or act a certain way in order to be like folks.

Gender dysphoria went from being a fringe mental disorder to a popular trend in the course of a few years, but do you think that this would have happened without the internet? If people were still being consistently dosed with reality through interaction with their community, how radical would people have become?

My guess is not very. Our luxury has poisoned us.

While I wouldn’t dare say the internet is all bad, it has had some severe drawbacks and this is one of them. Society is slowly driving itself insane as we progress technologically. Our social fabric is coming apart and with it our minds.

“Luxury beliefs” are beliefs that could not have existed 40 years ago because we still had reality right in front of us, but the more we rely on these luxury beliefs the more reality tends to crash down. At some point, society has to make a drastic change in how we interact with each other online, but how that will look is a mystery.


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