Americans Are Clearly Smarter Than the People Running the Country

AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe

“A person is smart, people are dumb.”

It’s a quote that rings true in many circumstances. Panic, fear, doubt, and apathy are contagious. Just look at the COVID-19 pandemic in which millions were convinced that locking down the country would stop the spread of a virus. Even after it was proven that the virus had a 98.8 percent survival rate and all the preventative measures recommended by government experts weren’t helping, many still bought into the narrative that the virus was the worst thing since the plague.

Many people were that stupid, but a great many more were ignorant. If they just had all the info in front of them from the very beginning, that fear would have melted away. But they weren’t allowed to. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and almost every other source of information distribution between the masses was policed heavily for any message that would counter the one being issued by government sources.

You know how this story goes, though. You lived it. Individuals who studied understood the real numbers, the science, and the risks and demanded a lifting of the lockdowns as many government figures held tightly to their power. These individuals made their arguments and spread their knowledge despite attempts to silence them. Soon, the people who knew better understood and the fear Democrats used to keep their hold on the populace faded, and along with that, their power over them.

This moment was a wake-up call for many Americans. It was clear the government either didn’t know what it was talking about or had other motives in mind…or both, and it continues to become increasingly clear as time goes on.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hired Nina Jankowicz to head up the “Disinformation Governance Board” but didn’t look too far into her background. If he did, he would have seen a woman who almost has a love affair with disinformation and considers things like misgendering a person a national threat.

Mayorkas may not have done his due diligence, but the people did. It was the people who found out about Jankowicz’s past and discovered that she was a wannabe dictator Mary Poppins. Senator John Kennedy would confront Mayorkas using the discoveries made by the people.

Again, we see the people being smarter than those tasked to run the country.

It was later Rand Paul who brought this point I’m making into the light. Mayorkas is part of a government that consistently issues, believes, and enforces misinformation to the American people and it’s the American people who consistently work to find the truth and spread it around. They do this in spite of a system that works against them.

As Paul said, the people are best left to their own devices as they will suss out the truth through conversation and debate.

The thing is, yes, people are dumb. Negative emotions can be powerful and they spread through the people quickly. However, if there’s one thing that is proven is that the best cure for people’s emotions is the people’s ability to figure it out. The less the government stands in the way of this, the faster it happens.

The government is oftentimes mired in corruption, misunderstanding, greed, and personal bias. It can’t be trusted at the best of times. It’s as ridiculous as it is incompetent. As such, the government needs to be limited in terms of what it can control and how much trust we put in it to do anything. It’s clearly not smart enough to figure out what the truth on any given matter is. That should be left up to the people.



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