The Transgender Community Just Got Its First Abandonment Moment From the Democrat Party

AP Photo/Armando Franca

It was bound to happen at some point.

If there’s one point I’ve made over and over again, it’s that the Democrat Party has no friends, just allies that remain allies so long as they’re useful. They may make a race, group, or career seem like the holiest thing on the planet, but there will be a moment where what was once useful will either lose its luster or become detrimental. Like a toy that a child got bored with, that group will get tossed to the side where it will collect dust and be forgotten–or be retrieved when it’s considered cool again.

As I wrote previously, Democrats care about one thing and everything else is disposable, including their fellow Democrats. The proof can be seen in the way Democrats are attempting to isolate Joe Biden and his administration as being at fault for every problem they previously denied we were having.

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Right now, the toy being forgotten about that the Democrat considered its most prized possession just the day before yesterday is the transgender community. So entrenched was the Democrat Party in the transgender narrative that Ketanji Brown Jackson wouldn’t even define what a woman is during her Supreme Court confirmation hearing. More accurately, she said she couldn’t because she wasn’t a biologist.

This was a moment applauded by Democrats, but now that’s all changed.

With the Roe v Wade draft decision leaked and the left getting up in arms over the fact that abortion may now be an issue from state to state, the Democrats have rediscovered the usefulness of the abortion debate and its ability to rally women to its cause. Just in time too, because the Democrats’ base was getting a bit anemic, and with all the mounting narratives that worked in favor of Republicans growing, a swift change of subject was necessary.

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So, now it’s all about women’s rights, but you can’t proclaim to be a protector of women’s rights if your position is “women don’t exist.” Democrats are now required to drop the transgender community, in order to pick back up where they left off with being “the party of women.”

The transgender community is now out of vogue, just like the Asian community, just like Black Lives Matter, and just like every other cause or group the Democrat Party claimed was so important to America. Transgender people went from being the “backbone of our democracy” to being inconvenient in the span of a Politico report.

Thus, all the messaging and narrative driving of the transgender community since 2015 was dropped so that Democrats could adopt an old narrative that’s previously served it better. Perhaps the transgender community will once again come back into vogue, and Democrats will begin echoing its activists, but not right now. Right now, “women’s rights” are what’s getting the most movement from the base.

Anyone watching this should take note. Your group may one day grab the attention of the Democrats, and they may take you under its wing. You’ll be declared a victim and placed in the protective cocoon of the Democrat narrative machine. Your praises will be sung by media figures and politicians, and you’ll be a sacred cow to society that can’t be touched. You’ll feel important and even invincible.

But give it a minute. At some point, you’ll lose your usefulness. You might even become inconvenient and detrimental to the left. On that day the Democrat Party may forget you, turn its back on you, or maybe even curse you. In the blink of an eye, you’ll go from being the backbone of America to nothing. On that day, you’ll find out that they never really cared in the first place. You were just one more useful idiot.



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