Hey, Elon Musk, Twitter's 'Moral Authority' Vijaya Gadde Has to Go

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When people say that Twitter has hitherto been run by ideological extremists, it’s hardly an overstatement. Right now, you’re hearing quite a bit about Twitter’s “top lawyer,” Vijaya Gadde, who broke down sobbing when SpaceX/Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter was accepted.


As my colleague Bonchie stated, Gadde was one of the top execs who not only made the decision to ban Donald Trump, but also was one of the people who pulled the trigger on censoring the New York Post for their reporting on Hunter Biden prior to the 2020 election. If that’s not election interference, then I’m not sure what is.

And this is the woman who is described as the “moral authority” of Twitter.

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When it comes to Gadde, I sway between two conclusions about her. Either she’s an ideological radical who consciously knows that she’s actively practicing incredible amounts of hypocrisy with her censorship, or she’s an ideological radical whose head is so buried in the sands of leftism that she doesn’t understand that she’s an ideological radical.

I have trouble deciding which it is strictly based on one of the most telling moments I’ve ever seen about Gadde. It was during an episode of the Joe Rogan podcast where Gadde and then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sat across from Rogan and podcaster and famed citizen journalist Tim Pool. During the conversation/debate, they got onto the topic of suspensions and bans of people who stated simple, biological facts regarding sex. The practice, according to Gadde, was to give people warnings and then inevitably ban or suspend accounts that continued to debate transgender people on the topic of transgenderism.


However, Pool was trying very hard to get her to see that Gadde (and thus Twitter as an organization) was taking one ideological side over another by suspending one side for merely stating their opinions. Watch the clip yourself and you’ll see Gadde not seem to comprehend (or pretending not to comprehend) what Pool and Rogan were saying while he pointed out that Gadde was punishing people on the grounds of their honestly come-by opinion.

Either Gadde exhibited a total lack of self-awareness or is doing her best to keep the ideological bubble she lives in tight and secure. Either she’s incapable of seeing the folly of her actions or she’s so corrupt that she doesn’t care how unfair she is to those who disagree with her.

Either way, it makes her the wrong person for the job of being the “moral authority” at Twitter. A woman like her has no business guiding Twitter’s policies about what is and isn’t right. No matter how you swing it, she’s a radical in a suit.

I’m going to echo my colleague in his recommendation to Musk.

The first thing Musk needs to do when he walks into Twitter HQ is to fire Gadde and make it effective immediately. She is behind some of Twitter’s worst moves, some of its most unfair practices, and bears a great deal of responsibility for the pollution of the de facto town square with radical, ideological poison.


Gadde belongs in the political world, not the digital world. She’ll likely land on her feet on some Democrat’s campaign or working as a lobbyist on K street, but she is wholly incapable of helping run a free speech platform.


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