Two Moms Expose Drag Queen Story Hour Featuring Stripping Drag Queen, are Forced Out by Police

Screenshot: Facebook video Uploaded by Brandon

Drag Queen Story Hour has become a point of contention between the public and the LGBT activist community, but we’re always told that it’s nothing we need to worry about.


Two moms proved that this isn’t the case.

According to College Fix, two mothers attended the Drag Queen Story Hour and what they witnessed wasn’t at all suitable for children. This includes a drag queen doing something of a strip show to a song that ended with profanity:

The women and some of their allies attending the event in a somewhat undercover capacity were able to capture on film a large amount of the pride festivities at the Renton Public Library — including the graphic performance of a drag queen — before police were called to escort some of the moms out.

In the performance, the drag queen was seen removing a skirt at the start and then dancing in scantily clad clothing to the tune of the song “Like a Girl.” The drag queen sang in part, “If you feel like a girl, then you real like a girl. Do your thing, run the whole damn world.” The song ended with various expletives.

The drag queen’s dance was captured on video.

“I witnessed kids in that show and in the following panel that couldn’t have been more than ten,” one of the moms told The Fix.

Also being handed out at the show, which featured kids ranging from their teens to kids in strollers, were flavored condoms, dental dams, sex pamphlets that depicted a penis, and more.

The sex pamphlet on the penis read: “Reducing sexual risks is the easiest way to prevent your Moby-Dick from exhibiting 50 Shades of Grey … We want you to be the Lord of unzipping Flies, but don’t let an STI catch you by surprise!”


The Fix noted that eventually, the event began forcing out adults that did not have teens with them, and when one refused to leave, police escorted her out forcefully. :

At around 5 p.m., event organizers began to forcibly remove parents who did not have teens with them.

Lynn Meagher, an attendee at the event, tells PJ Media that, while she was being removed by the police, she said, “I am staying here and I am documenting this. If they’re not doing anything wrong, they should not be ashamed. Two officers [then] grabbed my arms and pulled me out of my chair and pushed me out of the library.”

The mothers who were forced out were identified by Emerald City Antifa, who began to work to publish the private information of the women.

They were also approached by an activist who began making threats of exposing them.

“When we went out to the parking lot… We’re standing there talking and this man was photographing us. He started yelling at us and filming us and he said, ‘I’m putting your picture on Twitter. I’m filming your license plate. I’m going to make sure everybody knows who you are, you hateful bigot.’ And then we were surrounded and there are four men filming us and they are kind of circling us like wolves,” one of the moms told The Fix.


It’s frightening to think that the indoctrination of our children is going this far. I can’t blame the police officers for doing their jobs, but it is alarming that the left would actually post activists on deck to make sure that any interference is intimidated and eventually punished.

I can sympathize with the mothers who showed up to see what was going on. Even if they did show up strictly to expose what was happening, it should raise concerns that the people who are telling us that there’s nothing wrong with these drag shows for kids are also making sure we don’t try to see what’s going on.

What’s more, we now have an inside look at what’s going on and we can see for certain that it’s not appropriate for children at all.




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