Democrat Governors Are Abandoning the Biden Administration on School Mask Mandates

Try as they might, Democrats aren’t holding the line on mask mandates and despite the Biden Administration attacking Republican governors who refuse to issue them, Democrat governors themselves seem to be retreating from the issue as they learn it’s a losing battle.


According to Fox News, both the New Jersey and Deleware governors — both Democrats — are lifting mask mandates in various ways, namely in schools:

New Jersey will become one of the latest states to drop the mandates, with Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, announcing on Monday the Garden State’s plan to unmask.

Murphy was a Democrat so ardently for COVID mandates that he called those who opposed them “knuckleheads.” Yet, he now seems to be caving on his firmly held positions now that the people have turned against him on it.

This also includes Biden’s home state of Deleware where Governor John Carney is also retreating from mask mandates:

Delaware Gov. John Carney announcedon Monday that the First State would be dropping its mask mandates in indoor public spaces on Friday and mask mandates in schools next month.

Yet, despite this, the Biden administration still seems to be dead set on mask mandates being the norm, including those in schools. This is a wholly unwise move given Democrats have suffered losses over mandates imposed on their children, and it’s likely that many Democrat governors aren’t looking to poke the same bear that mauled Terry McAuliffe in Virginia.


These mask mandates are increasingly losing popularity, especially when they’re enforced on the children, yet the Biden administration still doesn’t seem to have caught up to the reality that mandatory COVID restrictions, in terms of how the populace views them, are going from necessary to irrational and very quickly. What’s more, it damages the credibility of the claim that Democrats are the party of science as it’s been known for some time that children are the least affected group.

It really doesn’t help that Biden seems to believe he doesn’t have to obey the mask mandates himself.

This is a sign that Democrats are swiftly understanding that the jig is up and the mandates that used to be such a help to their agenda are now becoming anchors weighing it down. Expect more blue-state officials to walk away from mandates in the coming months.


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