Mazie Hirono Demonstrates, Once Again, Why Democrats Choosing Justices Is a Bad Idea

Hawaii Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono can easily be considered one of the more radical and overdramatic leftists currently in office. This is the same Hirono that decided to vote against the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett by marching up to the Senate dias with arms folded and demanded they put her down as a “hell no” vote. This is the same Hirono that became angered with Barrett for using the term “sexual preference” in relation to the LGBT community but was dismissive of Joe Biden saying it while he was running for president to the point of directly dismissing it.


But now, Hirono has the chance to influence the selection of a new Supreme Court justice with the departure of Stephen Breyer, and her definition of what makes a good justice is, frankly, not one.

Appearing on MSNBC, Hirono suggested that the next justice should hardly be concerned with what the law is and rule more from the perspective of a social justice advocate according to the Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, appearing on MSNBC, Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said she would like Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s replacement to “consider the impact … on people in our country so that they are not making decisions just based on” the law.

Hirono stated, “What I’m looking for is a justice who can be fair and impartial and who does not have an ideological axe to grind, which is what we saw — as far as I’m concerned — in President Trump’s nominees, including to the Supreme Court.”

“So, yes, I am expecting a fight, but there you have it,” she continued, then said, “And I’m looking for someone who’s going to be, not only highly qualified, as all of the people that you already talked about are, but who really brings to the judiciary the kind of diversity that I’d like, that — someone who will consider the impact, the effects of whatever decision-making is on people in our country so that they are not making decisions just based on,” here she pointed out her desire for the “effects,” digressing, “which I would like them to base it on,” before returning to “law.”


In other words, the Constitution might be clear on something, but Hirono wants the judge to ignore that and focus on completing and fulfilling the agenda of the Democrat Party. The Senator would rather the law of the Democrats is considered a priority, not the law of the land.

This is a horrific way to rule on any situation since the Democrat Party is not only corrupt beyond all doubt, but also because the Party’s decision-making is based on what works for them at the moment. Making decisions without stability in mind and putting all the importance on power, will send a nation into chaos.

Far from her claim, this is hardly a concern for the people and more a concern for her own side’s power, proving once again why Democrats should hardly be trusted to select a proper justice for the Supreme Court, at least in their current state, hijacked by radicals like Hirono.


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