The Left Think They’re De-Normalizing Racism but Are Only Distancing Us From the Lessons of the Past

The Left Think They’re De-Normalizing Racism but Are Only Distancing Us From the Lessons of the Past
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You can’t learn from your experiences if you can’t remember them in some capacity. As a child, you may have burned your hand by touching a hot lightbulb, or ran too fast down a hill and fell hard after you tripped over your own feet. These experiences teach you simple lessons. Don’t touch a hot lightbulb, and pace yourself when moving quickly down a hill.

Human collective experience is just like that. It’s imperative that we remember the mistakes we make in the past in order to avoid making them again.

In fact, one of the most important lessons we’ve learned is about this lesson in particular, and it was best put by George Santayana when he said “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

You’ve likely noticed the deletion of various parts of our history, or at the very least, the attempt at completely rewriting it. For instance, the “1619 Project” is an attempt at reimagining the history of the United States with more of a focus on slavery than every other aspect of our story that brought this nation to what it is today. If the people who push this monstrosity were given their way, they would actually achieve the opposite of raising awareness about the evils of slavery and racism.

The founding fathers created their nation in a time when slavery was so embedded into culture that it would have killed it if they had immediately done away with it, but they, being men who truly believed in freedom and opportunity for all, set things in motion that would slowly poison slavery to death and eventually see the nation cast it off. To be sure, it’s a moment that came to fruition under President Abraham Lincoln, who later said that he was finishing what the founders had started.

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But they’re also trying to eliminate it in other ways as well, such as in our games and entertainment. Bounding Into Comics covered one such instance where a tabletop role playing game “Pathfinder” has eliminated all instances of slavery from its rule book in an attempt to de-normalize it, however as one psychology professor at Stetson University, Christopher J. Ferguson noted, this won’t help anything:

Moving to address this question, Ferguson stated, “First let’s make an obvious distinction: If Pathfinder were portraying slavery as something that happened only to black people, or portrayed slaves as happy or deserving their condition, this would be explicitly racist and deserving of condemnation. But this is not what Pathfinder has done.”

“Indeed, slavery is portrayed as evil and brutal,” he clarified. “Role-playing systems are generally pretty open, allowing players a free range of choices of how to behave, but the core rulebook explicitly suggests players be prohibited from owning slaves or profiting from slavery.”

He then noted that “individual games could theoretically ignore that, but in 40 years of playing RPGs I’ve never seen a player express a desire to own a slave,” albeit conceding, “it’s a big world out there so of course I can’t say it never happens.”

The noted point here is the idea from the woke left is that to see it is to possibly be okay with the concept, but that’s not the case. Popular media and games actually go a long way to helping people understand the evils of slavery and racism and suddenly stripping them from the public’s conscious are attempting a memory wipe. Perhaps it won’t take well, but future generations will be so far removed from the concept because we’ve taken the lessons out of the picture by completely stripping it from other forms of media.

In other words, we lose the lesson. We have nothing to learn from, and thus no one should be surprised when, at some point in the future, repeating the sin becomes a reality.

That slavery is a sin needs to stay right where it is. Moreover, how we dealt with that sin in the past also needs to stay fully intact.

We as a nation eliminated a great evil and at great cost, and that should never be forgotten. We should never forget why we eliminated it too.

This is just one more reason the extreme left should not be allowed to drive the culture. They will regress us back into barbarity, and they’ll do it with no question from their concience.

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