Funny How People Are Abandoning the Safety and Precaution of Blue States for COVID-Infested Red States

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Gee, boy howdy, golly gosh. Apparently, the absolutely terrifying nature of COVID-19 doesn’t compare to the terror of authoritarian bureaucrats and backward governing.

Remember when New York used to be the golden example of how states should be treating the pandemic? Remember when states like Texas and Florida were considered irresponsible for not locking down and enforcing mask-wearing to happen everywhere, even outside? Remember when the right was labeled as a “death cult” because we weren’t acting like dictators or slapping masks on children?

Well, apparently people in those grown-up blue states with these picture-perfect Democrat leaders really want to be a part of that Republican death cult because COVID hasn’t just failed to stop interstate migration, it’s apparently encouraged it.

According to Fox News, the mass exodus from blue states has only accelerated due to the Coronavirus:

According to new Census Bureau data, 18 different states including Washington D.C. saw a decrease in population from June 2020 to July 2021. The largest drop-offs were experienced in New York, losing approximately 319,000 people, California losing 261,000 and Illinois 113,000.

Meanwhile, the state of Texas gained about 310,000 new residents and Florida welcome in about 211,000.

A new survey from United Van Lines revealed other top inbound states for 2021 included Vermont, South Dakota, South Carolina and West Virginia. The moving company’s communications director Eily Cummings told FOX Business that United Van Lines predicts the migration from Democrat states will continue in 2022.

Fox pointed out that experts seem to agree that the tyrannical lockdowns of blue-state leaders are pushing citizens out of the state and toward places where they can live freely and without worrying that they’ll be forced to stay inside, lose their jobs, and more.

The authoritarianism of blue states has created mass instability, not just in the economies of their states but in the personal lives of many. People would rather live where they know their business won’t be shut down at the flick of a pin or touch of a whim of some person in office they’ll never meet.

Perhaps somewhat more important is the fact that it speaks much to the fact that many Americans are still used to being American and won’t take well to living any other way but free even if they espouse the opposite in their public life.

Or at least used to express such sentiments.

It’s also likely that many people who moved from a blue state to a red state had a very personal experience with authoritarianism and learned that it’s not what they thought it would be, and more importantly, the authoritarian leaders aren’t the wise, all-knowing leaders they sell themselves as. COVID may very well have taught many an American that the Democrat party isn’t what they were convinced it was previously and that sometimes the best thing a leader can do is nothing.

To be sure, I think the midterm elections will show us how well America learned this lesson, but I do think we’re already getting previews in the form of Virginia’s gubernatorial election with Glenn Youngkin’s victory over Democrat mainstay Terry McAuliffe.

Time will tell, but a preferable outcome isn’t just something Republicans should hope for in terms of mental shifts. If Republicans are smart they’d begin using this fact as a weapon against the left. They would be pointing out just how ready Democrats are to ruin lives over nothing and even go so far as to lie about how bad things are in order to enforce their authoritarianism.

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This is the moment where the Republicans can forcibly strip the narrative off the Democrat party that they’re the party of the working man, the party of the people, and more importantly they can take away the idea that they are the party of liberalism.

They haven’t been for decades and here we have a gun most smokey.



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