Democrats Show Their Desperation Through Their Attempts to Make Elections Less Secure

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File

A person cheats for many reasons, but in the world of politics, cheating is the result of desperation. A desperate grab for power to be exact.

Democrats are absolutely famous for their willingness to cheat. Quite a bit of it was uncovered during the 2020 election with a huge one, in particular, being the discovery of a ballot harvesting scheme connected to Ilhan Omar. That was just an example of obvious fraud. In truth, fraud is difficult to prove in many regards, but wherever irregularities happen with a ballot, there’s a solid chance that fraud was involved. As Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul noted after thousands of votes were cast illegally in Nevada, fraud definitely happens, we just need to do what’s necessary to eliminate it where we can.

You can also tell Democrats are very fond of cheating during elections by their resistance to implementing measures that would reduce fraud. The entire point of the Texas Democrats fleeing the state to DC was to avoid voting on a bill that would have tightened up Texas’s election laws and make fraud far less likely. Thankfully, they lost that battle, but the question still hangs in the air. Why did they feel the need to stop further measures to make sure elections were secure, fair, and legal?

New York went in the opposite direction. As my colleague, Christopher Arps, wrote on Friday, New York is passing laws that effectively open up voting to non-U.S. citizens, including illegal immigrants thanks to wording within the bill:

Well, the New York City Council is scheduled to vote on December 9th to remove a barrier to voting….for non-citizens! Bill 1867, introduced by council member Ydanis Rodriguez, would allow green card holders — and those with work authorizations in the United States to vote in New York City elections only. They would be excluded from voting in state and federal elections — for now.

Now, it appears there is some redundancy here since having a Green Card allows an immigrant to work legally in this country. “Those with work authorizations” probably pertains to the millions of illegal immigrants and so-called “Dreamers” the Biden Administration and the Democrats want to legalize with just the stroke of a pen in their $2 trillion budget reconciliation scheme. Also included within the reconciliation scheme is a provision to expand the child tax credit to illegal immigrants at an annual cost of $10.5 billion.

This doesn’t just reveal desperation for power, though. It also reveals a very simple truth.

Democrat ideas just aren’t very good.

If Democrats really did have good ideas, then they would have people flocking to them and casting votes to put Democrat leaders in office. While they certainly do have their die-hards, let’s face it, the Democrats are losing steam. Their ideas are increasingly radical, their policies and stances are causing an increase in crime and a decrease in economic power.

They’re about to lose power during the midterm elections and they know it. They tried to push the Overton window too far, too fast, and now people are turning their backs in droves. Their loss of Virginia is clear evidence of this.

Add on top of this fact that the playbook they ran on for years is no longer valid. For a time, they ran on the “virtue” that they weren’t Trump and that if they wanted to get away from Trump they had to vote in Democrats. Well, there’s no Trump anymore and they’ve been forced to fall back on old tactics that, frankly, have been losing their edge. It’s hard to convince voters that Black and Hispanic people are racists for voting Republican, and Black and Hispanic communities have become increasingly likely to vote Republican.

All of this together results in Democrats resorting to desperate measures to bring home a W, and so they rely on doing things that aren’t exactly legal.

So Democrats aren’t only willing to cheat, they’re willing to cheat to implement laws and rules that Americans just don’t like. This is a party that is becoming increasingly irrelevant thanks to its unwillingness to alter itself from a party of radicals to a moderate party the likes of Sinema and Manchin. Their foot has been hard-pressed on the gas for so long, and their voting base has been manipulated so hard, that any attempt at slowing down is out of the question.

Democrats are about to crash and crash hard, and they deserve it.


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