Texas's New Voting Laws Only Seem Extreme to Anyone Who Is Extreme

Our Republic is only as safe as its elections and so it’s pretty important that we keep our elections as safe and secure as possible. Anyone who says they should be less secure as to allow ludicrous amounts of holes in the system then they’re up to no good. They know it invites fraud and cheating in by the truckload.

Texas’s recent election laws signed by Governor Greg Abbott lockdown and tighten Texas elections to make fraud all the more unlikely to happen in the state. it makes round-the-clock polling stations a thing of the past and restricts drive-thru voting as well as voting by mail. Learning from the last election, the new Texas law also gives partisan poll watchers more authority when it comes to observing elections as well as increases voter ID requirements.

None of this is extreme. It’s just plain election security. None of this is actually going to lead to voting complications unless your complication is that you wanted to cheat.

Democrats are, of course, trying to make this about racism now as reported by The Hill:

The ink from Abbott’s pen had not yet dried when a prominent Democratic election lawyer announced plans to sue the state to block the law from taking effect.

The lawyer, Marc Elias, said his team had sued on behalf of four Texas organizations: two Hispanic advocacy groups, a retiree organization and the state’s largest teacher’s union. The lawsuit will challenge the law under the First and Fourteenth amendments to the Constitution, and under two sections of the Voting Rights Act.

“Year after year, Texas has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country, yet Republicans in the state remain intent on limiting access to the ballot box, particularly for voters of color,” Elias said in an email. “After Texas Democrats blocked the passage of past iterations of the bill in the regular legislative session and the first special session, Republicans finally achieved their goal of enacting a law, Senate Bill 1, that limits almost every method of voting in the state.”

First off, the majority of Americans aren’t buying the racial angle according to a poll by Rasmussen:

Democrats have claimed that voter ID laws discriminate against black voters and other minorities, but voters reject that claim by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. Sixty percent (60%) say laws requiring photo identification at the polls don’t discriminate, while 31% say voter ID laws do discriminate. Ten percent said they are not sure.

And they’re right not to believe it because studies have shown that implementing voter ID laws rarely affects minority turnout. Somewhere around 11 percent of Americans don’t have proper photo ID to show at the ballot box, that is true, but these are for a myriad of reasons, much of which revolves around the fact that people just aren’t interested in voting for one reason or another. It is true that many of these people are minorities, but assuming someone can’t get a legal photo ID because they’re a minority has no basis in reality and is, frankly, insulting.

Texas’s voting law should be law in every state. The last election, with all of its questions left hanging in the air, left a bad taste in the mouths of many Americans, and one of the reasons states are passing safety election laws is for this very reason. Something isn’t right about the way it played out and we don’t want a repeat.

Yet the Democrats seemed to love how the last elections went down and even want to swing the door wide open in order to make every election just like the 2020 election but more so. The loosening restrictions they want to impose on all states tells us that when it comes to election safety, the Democrats aren’t all that concerned.

And the easy question with the easy answer one has to ask oneself in this situation is “why?”


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