Democrats Kneecapped Themselves With Their Defense of China, According to Latest Poll

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The “party of science” sure was adamant that no one blames the spread of COVID-19 on China. In fact, there was a very large effort by mainstream leftist sources that China is viewed as a leader in combatting the virus.


At one point, CNN was even suggesting that China was the good guys in this story while then-President Donald Trump was the villain responsible for everything. As I covered in this video last year, our media was teaching China how to manipulate narratives in our own country with CNN being the worst of offenders.

Fast forward to today, and the media is still largely defensive of China, but the cat’s out of the bag. Too much evidence has been released that shows the connection of not only the virus being lab-created, but that our own Fauci-run NSAID helped fund its creation.

This doesn’t sit well with the American people who not only believe that China is fully responsible for it all but that they need to pay America back for its mistake.

According to Fox News, a new poll has shown that an overwhelming majority of Americans disagree with Democrats on China:

A new poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly believed that the coronavirus pandemic stemmed from a lab leak in Wuhan, China, and that the Chinese government subsequently lied about it.

The Ronald Reagan Institute’s 2021 National Defense Survey posed a number of questions related to China and its position in relation to the U.S., including one regarding the origins of COVID-19.

“When asked about the theory that the coronavirus was developed by scientists working at a lab in Wuhan and accidentally leaked, and that the Chinese government then lied about it, nearly three quarters (72%) of Americans believe it is likely, with 42% saying it is very likely,” a report by the Reagan Institute said, discussing the poll results.


In a very rare showing of actual unity, this belief is carried between political parties:

Not only did the survey show that most participants believe the pandemic leaked from a Chinese lab, majorities of those from both parties and independents felt the same way. Of Republicans polled, 86% believed it was likely that COVID-19 leaked from a Wuhan lab, while 61% of Democrats and 67% of independents agreed.

The Democrats bet on the wrong horse when they thought that their media dominance could control the narrative and people would believe that China was more or less innocent of all charges. Now the question is, how can they effectively backpedal if they even can.

It’s clear that there’s some relationship between the left and China. Whether it’s business, ideological, or both, the left is incredibly friendly to our foreign enemy, and walking back in their defense of China is going to be a tough sell to at least the Independents and the Republicans.

But if Republicans really wanted to seize and pounce here, they could buckle down on this idea that Americans, in general, are indeed owed reparations (because we are) from the communist nation. What form that might take can be discussed by our elected leaders, but if most Americans believe China needs to pony up and Democrats are consistently running defense for them, then this is an obvious divide that Republicans should highlight between them and the Democrat party.


Because the question does, indeed, need to be asked: whose side are they on?


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