Reddit Post of Alleged Brother of Joseph Rosenbaum Victim Slams Celeb Praise of Pedophile, Highlights Simple Truth

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Over the weekend, the left has spent a good deal of its time raging over the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. They clearly didn’t get the outcome they wanted after Rittenhouse was ruled not guilty on all charges, and have made ludicrous claims about his status as a murderer and how this country is a racist mess that only benefits white supremacists. To be clear, there are no indications whatsoever that Rittenhouse is racist in any regard, and the people he had to shoot in self-defense were all white.


But amid the hot takes about Rittenhouse were disgusting defense and praise of those Rittenhouse had shot. We’ve been covering some of these reactions both during and after the trial here at RedState, and it’s given us a pretty good idea of some of the lunacy people are willing to embrace in order to keep their worldview intact.

But no one had a take so white-hot as Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo who plays “The Incredible Hulk” on the silver screen. The actor is known for leaning so far to the left that he falls over, but his comments about the people Rittenhouse shot go beyond any sort of reason or morality. This includes Joseph Rosenbaum, a man who is guilty of repeatedly sexually assaulting children, and was lovingly given the name “JoJo,” which Ruffalo uses.

“We come together to mourn the lives lost to the same racist system that devalues Black lives and devalued the lives of Anthony and JoJo,” tweeted Ruffalo.

A quick aside, we do not come together to mourn the loss of a repeated child rapist. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were parties dedicated to celebrating his death.

But disgusting is this mourning from people like Ruffalo. Celebrities, who clearly didn’t watch a minute of the trial, are going full-bore into the defense of those killed that night by Rittenhouse, facts on why be damned. It gets even worse when you consider that these people are like pied pipers for idiots and these idiots will spread this narrative far and wide, infecting people who aren’t idiots but don’t know any better for not being glued to the news 24 hours a day.


This level of evil is outrageous and it caused one man to speak out on Reddit who is claiming to be the brother of one of Rosenbaum’s victims who was raped as a child. In the post (which is now locked by moderators) the man said that in the early 2000s, his younger brother was sexually abused by Rosenbaum along with what he figures are dozens of other kids and detailed that he plead out of around 11 counts of child rape with many other claims never making it to court.

The effect it had on his brother, he said, was devastating:

My brother and I are late 20s/Early 30s now and he has mostly moved on but up until he was 14 he would cry almost every night and ask to sleep In the same bed as me or my sister or mom. I can only imagine what the other victims are going through.

The post continues by highlighting responses to the trial from celebrities like Pedro Pascal, who called Rosenbaum a “hero,” but said it was Ruffalo referring to Rosenbaum as “JoJo.”

“I’m so f****ng angry. This man was a terror who deserved hell 20 years ago and major celebrities are making him to be a Martyr,” wrote the Redditor.

“I’m so god****d disappointed in our politicians and celebrities and athletes who all have acted like he was a hero,” he added.

There’s no way to confirm if this person is actually the brother of the victim but anonymity doesn’t necessarily equal falsehood. Even if it’s not the actual brother, what this post is highlighting, albeit unintentionally, is very interesting.


For one, there’s a lot being made of the heroism and victimhood of the people Rittenhouse shot, including Rosenbaum, but not a lot of people considering the victims and families of Rosenbaum’s victims. One can’t help but think that this is intentional as dehumanizing these people in any way would detract from the narrative they’ve generated around Rittenhouse.

Secondly, celebrities may have called them heroes in ignorance but it’s pretty clear that they are ignorant no longer. If you look at the Twitter posts by Ruffalo and Pascal, they’ve been ratioed into oblivion. They’ve been told that those people who Rittenhouse shot were horrible people, especially the child rapist Rosenbaum, along with evidence to boot. Yet, neither of these men have taken their posts down or issued follow-up tweets apologizing for the mistake in defending them.

Why? It’s an important question, and while I could allude to the fact that Hollywood is notorious for being infested with pedophiles and people who would defend them, I’m not sure that’s the reason in this case.

I think we have celebrities, activists, politicians, etc. who are so invested in the leftist narrative that they would defend child rapists in order to help along their side and keep the right fixed as evil in the minds of the western world. They know what they’re doing, but they feel they have to do it for the greater good.

In other words, the division in our country between political parties is so wide and vast that people on the left will promote and defend real depravity and evil in order to own the right. Victory by any means necessary is a principle of the left and has been for some time, and we’re really seeing what that means now. If necessity dictates that people defend child rapists, then the attitude from those on the left is “so be it.”



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