The Number One Thing Driving People to the Republican Party

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I’ve been doing this long enough to know some things about the dynamics of political parties. I know that Republicans have largely sucked at messaging and Democrats haven’t, at least for the most part. Lately, they’ve been severely lacking in that department and have had to utilize the power of censorship in order to allow their messages to thrive in an environment that would otherwise be a conversation.

The left abhors free-fire dialogue. It prefers a carefully crafted monologue.

In this day and age, it’s nigh impossible for a right-of-center person to convince a left-of-center person of anything, at least in an impersonal forum. So effective has the left’s brainwashing been that it’s caused layers of societal psychosis to wrap around people’s thoughts about any given subject, and they’ve been doing this for years. Be it television, radio, online, silver screen, stage, comics, games, and more, the left has infected almost every square inch of our society with its backward, regressive takes on morality and propriety.

Its successes shouldn’t be brushed off. The left’s ideological offensive has made even embracing obvious facts taboo. A man may now claim he’s a woman, and even go so far as to rape a girl, and those who even call for justice will be punished themselves.

They can, without shame, destroy the lives of millions of Americans through draconian lockdowns, enforce mandates, and restructure society into an un-American show-your-papers kind of place and the conditioned will applaud them. They can say they’re following the science, then attach no real science to it.

This is the left’s power, and they know how to wield it. They feel no remorse about it. The left’s wille zur macht is all-encompassing and drives everything they do.

Yet, despite all this power, they seem to be losing it. So many people seem to be abandoning the left. They’re breaking the social conditioning and speaking out, sometimes even to the point of chanting expletives about the president together in stadiums. Biden’s poll numbers are constantly falling and the midterms are looking like it’s going to be a Republican sweep.

What are Republicans and conservatives doing to drive society in this direction?

Nothing. Nothing new, anyway.

Republicans may have adopted a more aggressive stance since the election of Trump, which has helped, but as I said earlier, the left is still censoring and handicapping the right, making it play for the heart and soul of America on the public stage with both hands tied behind its back and a gag in its mouth. It doesn’t help that a lot of the right still consider participating in cultural affairs to be a waste of time.

No, the main driving force for people leaving the left is the left.

Democrats have undoubtedly put a good portion of their eggs into the radical basket. They’ve embraced the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, radical leftists who openly hate and despise America and the people who live here. This is the side of the aisle that loves Antifa, a violent domestic terrorist group that acts as the street enforcer arm of the radical left. They push radical legislation like the Green New Deal and the “For the People Act.” They enforce draconian lockdowns, destroy our economy, and so much more.

The radical left is only getting more radical. Even solidly blue leftists are getting to a point where they are outwardly saying the party is poisoning itself.

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Former President Ronald Reagan once famously said “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.” It was a poignant thing to say at the time that resonated with many Democrats who felt the left had abandoned them in favor of nonsensical policies. History, it seems, is repeating itself.

The left has become so powerful that, in its hubris, it pushed the Overton window much farther than it ever should have gone.

While it’s great that this is happening, I can’t celebrate it too much.

The right shouldn’t be a landing pad for disaffected leftists. It shouldn’t be a passive party. We shouldn’t have won their hearts because we were just a safe place to go when things got too hot on the other side. We should be a proactive threat. We should be investing time and effort into being a philosophy and ideology that is capable of winning hearts and minds.

Right now, we’re not half as good as we should be. Rest assured, the left will one day figure out that it’s gone too far and pull back, then it will do what’s necessary to win the hearts and minds of those they lost back into the fold. From there the process will start all over again, but this time the Overton window will have dragged further to the left than before.

My advice is simple. Get out there and start participating in more than just a political capacity. Infiltrate everything from academia to the arts. Spread your influence where you can, not just on Twitter or Facebook.

Let’s go on the offensive.


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