Rand Paul Wades Into the Fight Between the DOJ and Parents, Defends Angry Moms

Rand Paul Wades Into the Fight Between the DOJ and Parents, Defends Angry Moms
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The Department of Justice’s fight against angry parents is a real testament to the authoritarian nature of the Biden administration and indeed, the entirety of the left. It takes a lot of hubris to declare that you know how to raise someone’s child better than them and send authorities to shut you down when you protest that.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is famously anti-authoritarian and true to form, he’s not liking what he sees at all, and he appeared on Fox News to tell Ben Domenech about it.

Rand Paul
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Paul told Fox that angry mothers were being criminalized just for dissenting against hard-left school boards, a thing “we should all be appalled with.”

Domenech asked Paul if people should worry about appearing on government lists if they say the wrong thing, and Paul reminded acknowledged that lists like these already exist and that it would be right to fear the government in this regard.

“That’s a sad thing from someone in the government to say, but the thing is, is those lists already exist. For example, people in northern Virginia that have gone to [protests], have been then sought out by the school council, by the members of the school board and retaliated [against] in a sort of legalistic way to try to put them on some sort of list and chill their speech by letting them know there’ll be a penalty for showing up and protesting,” Paul said.

Paul believes that there should be a drawn line about how one should act when it comes to dissent and brought up the woman who filmed Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema as an example of going too far. He also made it clear that intentionally causing illegal havoc at a school board meeting is fair game for local punishment.

That said, Paul drew a line about what should be considered violations of federal law and made it clear that Garland is clearly trying to silence simple dissenters.

Biden Attorney General
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“If you go to a school board meeting and you’re disruptive and you don’t obey the rules of the school board meeting, then there will be local punishment,” Paul said. “But that has nothing to do with the federal law, it has nothing to do with the Department of Justice. What Merrick Garland did is, he’s attempting to stifle dissent, and he’s attempting to say, ‘Beware or Big Brother’s coming after you if you speak out against my policies or against the Biden policies.’”

Indeed, Garland has no real authority on a local level to punish anyone, which is why he’s asked for state AG’s to team up with him and follow his direction about silencing dissent. A few have already responded and told Garland where he can shove his request including Missouri AG Eric Schmitt and Ohio AG Dave Yost.

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