The Left Only Cares About You So Long as You're Useful

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It wasn’t that long ago that speaking ill of a healthcare worker in any regard was considered the ultimate taboo. They were heroes working hard to stop the spread of a deadly virus and how dare anybody question their integrity, honor, and steadfastness?

And now they’re just garbage.

At least that’s what people on the left are saying about the hundreds of healthcare workers that are refusing to get injected with the vaccine. As various headlines have pointed out, many healthcare workers are currently attempting lawsuits to stop hospitals from ending their careers over refusing to take the vaccine.

In Minnesota, over 180 healthcare workers have filed a lawsuit against the vaccine mandates. Houston, TX, is experiencing a massive nurse shortage after it fired over 150 for not taking the vaccine. In Louisiana, a group of nurses is facing the ax over their refusal of the vaccine, and a judge recently ruled that the nurses should try a lawsuit to save their jobs again after they’ve been fired. In New York, hundreds of healthcare workers face suspension over the refusal of the mandate.

The stories go on and on, and if you guessed something like this would have happened months ago when you couldn’t get more holy than being a healthcare worker, then you know the left very well. They’ve proven time and time again that you’re only as venerated as your usefulness.

If you really want a solid idea about how much the left doesn’t care about you if you have no use to them, then look no further than the way it treats minority communities, specifically the black community.

During election years, the left seems to have no greater concern than that of the black community. When a higher office is on the line, they will take any instance of wrong-doing or foul play against it as proof that our system is broken and only they can fix it. If they can’t come up with a decent reason to spread this narrative, then they’ll create one. Many Black Lives Matter movements (i.e. riots) were started on the back of a false or misleading narrative about a white police officer killing a black man.

For months, the focus is all about the systemic racism of the United States, its racist origins, and its racist people. Then when the election finally happens, it all just kind of fades away.

The only changes that occurred as a result of the riots were black neighborhoods now smoldering and destroyed. Their communities go right back to being ignored. Cities like Baltimore and Chicago sport both violence and community decay as the Democrats that run cities like these either seem to forget about them or blame their neighbors for the trouble being caused within their borders.

The realization that the Democrats are using the black community is spreading more and more, and fewer and fewer black Americans are wanting to side with a party that seems to only care about them come election time. This especially goes for the black youth which has quickly lost trust in the Democrats.

Given the Democrat’s pattern, one has to wonder how long it will take before Democrats begin condemning the entire black community as a whole should it begin leaning too far to the right without any signs of stopping. To be sure, it already seems to be happening to the Hispanic community.

As The Federalist covered back in 2020, the hard-left part of the Democrat Party has already begun turning its offensive machine toward Latino voters:

When it became clear that Trump would win Florida thanks to enthusiastic support from Latino voters, Hannah-Jones tweeted: “One day after this election is over I am going to write a piece about how Latino is a contrived ethnic category that artificially lumps white Cubans with Black Puerto Ricans and indigenous Guatemalans and helps explains [sic] why Latinos support Trump at the second highest rate.”

National Public Radio’s Gene Demby quickly endorsed Hannah-Jones’ assertions. In an NPR post-election segment, titled “Who is the White Vote?” Demby said:

It’s important that, you know, we think about the ways that there are many, many white Latinos. And because whiteness so thoroughly informs voting behavior, we should probably be asking better questions about Latino voters, like whether they identify as white or not. That might be more illuminating than simply whether someone refers to themselves as Latino in some ways.

If you’re Hispanic and you vote Republican, you clearly aren’t very Hispanic according to the left. You’re only Hispanic if you vote the way they want you to. Otherwise, you’re relegated to the most hated group in the land by the left; the white population.

So no one should be surprised at how healthcare workers are being treated by the left for not falling in line. They went from being untouchables to pariahs in the space of a decision on a vaccine.

Let this be a warning to everyone. Today you might be the toast of the coast, but tomorrow you may be marched to the gallows by the same people who celebrated you. That’s the left. That’s the Democrats.


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