Kyrsten Sinema Pokes Fun at the Hard-Left Members of the Democrat Party Panicking Over Her Stances

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema gives her own party no end to headaches. On any given agenda item, they can find Sinema standing opposed to it in some regard, looking to walk it back from the extremes the Democrat party takes things to.


The same can be said about the $3.5 trillion spending bill Democrats want to slam through. Sinema has kept her cards close to her chest about it, and it’s caused her fellow party members and the media to wonder where she stands on it all. So, the media asked her and she answered.

As first reported by the Daily Wire, Frank Thorp of NBC News covered an exchange she had with a reporter about the frustrations her party has with her. Sinema, instead of answering the questions straight on, mocked the questions and her party’s concerns in the process.

Q: What do you say to progressives who are frustrated they don’t know where you are?

SINEMA: “I’m in the Senate.”

Q: There are progressives in the Senate that are also frustrated they don’t know where your are either.

SINEMA: “I’m clearly right in front of the elevator.”

As previously reported by Sister Toldjah, Sinema has the left in a complete panic and is being lambasted on leftist talk shows such as “The View” where Joy Behar is demanding that Sinema and fellow moderate Democrat, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, “must be brought to task” and labeled them enemies of the democracy.


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And while her party is quickly becoming angry with her, her support among Independent voters, mixed with less and less resistance from Republicans has made her rather popular in her state as Joe Cunningham reported. In fact, Sinema’s favorability is seven points compared to fellow Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly’s four.

Playing ball in a swing state looks a lot different than it does in states where it’s solidly one party or another. Regardless, that Sinema and Manchin continue to be a party unto themselves that can hold back the Democrat party’s agenda has made them enemies of the left. How this will affect Sinema going forward remains to be seen but it’s likely this blowback from the party will only push her further to the right. What’s more, this pressure and tantrum-throwing will likely only endear her more to her voters.


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