The Celebrity Silence On the Emmy's Lack of Masks Is Deafening

The Celebrity Silence On the Emmy's Lack of Masks Is Deafening
(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Hand a celebrity a soapbox and they will proceed to stand on it and parrot every leftist talking point on any subject you bring up without fail. There are few exceptions.

This includes the wearing of masks. Ask them how they feel about forcing people to wear masks and 9.9 times out of 10, they’ll tell you that it’s imperative that you don one when you so much as step out of your shower. There are exceptions; them.

Both the Emmys and the Met Gala were two recent examples of just how differently the upper class in American see themselves vs. you and me. As Becca Lower pointed out on Sunday, picture after picture could be seen from both events showing you how these celebrities — and even politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — walked around free and maskless while the help obediently wore face coverings.

As I wrote after the Met Gala, the celebrities know you see pictures like the one below and are thinking “wow, what a bunch of hypocrites.” They know it, but they don’t care. What you think means nothing. You’re nothing. They are the rich and powerful. They carry more influence over millions with one sentence than you do an entire lifetime’s work.

Interestingly, the same celebrities that will preach your ear off have suddenly gone silent about their lack of masks at these events. Not one has seen the need to make it clear why they believe you have to wear a mask but they don’t.

That silence is the loudest part about them and it’s further proof that here in America, our nation’s most unifying belief means nothing.

Over at Fox News, David Marcus wrote on this perfectly by pointing out that COVID has highlighted an interesting aspect of our society dubbed “the COVID caste system,” and he’s completely correct:

The most basic principle of the United States of America has nothing to do with capitalism, or democracy, or even freedom. The essential concept upon which the nation was founded, and upon which we still stand is the dignity of every person.

“All men are created equal,” Jefferson wrote. No prince of high blood or master of riches has more innate value than any other Americans. But as we watch celebrities, at the Met Gala, at the Emmys, frankly wherever they gather, galavanting maskless while the help hide their faces we cannot feel fidelity to this timeless ideal.

No. Clearly these celebrities, many of whom take every opportunity to harangue us about trusting science and following the rules, are as George Orwell put it, “more equal.” This is something that no American should stand for.

They don’t care that they’re hypocrites because they don’t see their hypocrisy as hypocrisy. They believe they’re more than you and as such, don’t have to abide by the same rules. They are, for the most part, carrying around an anti-American ideal of inequality within their minds.

If they carried this Jeffersonian ideal around with them they would feel some element of shame and perhaps attempt to justify their contradictory and hypocritical behavior…but they don’t. They know that if they engage in it their bubbles may be infiltrated with reality. Better to not engage with the rabble and not give them the idea that they have to answer to the unwashed.

We’re not on strange ground here. We’ve seen time and again what happens when the rich and powerful flaunt their privilege over everyone else and while I sincerely don’t think we’ll be leading celebrities and politicians to the guillotine, comeuppance will find them in some form or another.

Sure, they may own Hollywood and other mainstream outlets now, but the law of undulation is absolute. At some point, they’ll push it too far and the citizenry, by and large, will revolt. Differing ideologies will find common ground about it and those that laughed at the outrage of the peasantry will wish they hadn’t.

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