Trump Calls out Democrats as the Reason for Vaccine Hesitancy

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Former President Donald Trump has some insight on why many Americans are hesitant to get the vaccine, and he can’t help but notice that a lot of it has to do with Democrats who talked down about the vaccine before they talked it up.


According to Fox News, Trump watched Biden’s announcement about his executive order last week, which would mandate employers with over 100 workers to vaccinate their employees or administer weekly COVID-19 tests — an order he does not have the power to give or authority to enforce.

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Regardless, Trump noted that the order “shouldn’t be necessary,” and that it was Democrats like Kamala Harris that originally told everyone that they should distrust the vaccine. Like every other Democrat, she only began pushing it on people when it benefited her to get COVID-19 numbers down:

“If you remember, when I was president, there were literally lines of people wanting to take it,” Trump said, pointing to vaccine hesitancy among some Americans. “Now, you have a different situation, and it’s very bad.”

Trump went on to point to comments made by some Democrats, including future Vice President Kamala Harris, who said they may not trust the effectiveness of a vaccine that he was pushing.

“Of course, they famously said, if Trump came up with it, I’ll never take it,” Trump recalled.

“They disparaged the vaccine, and now they wonder why people aren’t wanting to take it?” He continued. “It’s a disgrace.”

“Look, it was one of my greatest achievements doing it in less than nine months instead of five years, or maybe never,” Trump said, referring to the approval timeline for some vaccines at the FDA. “We saved millions of people all over the world.”

But pointing back to those against getting a jab, Trump said: “They don’t trust this president, and that’s why they’re not taking it.”


The sad fact is that much of the reason for vaccine hesitancy does lay with Democrats, and not only because they originally and publicly rejected the vaccine on political grounds. A lot of it revolves around the Democrats now trying to force the vaccine on people through unconstitutional threats. The vaccine was, and still is, a choice one can make if one chooses to get it.

The other factor is that the vaccine does come with certain dangers, as more and more reports come out about side effects suffered by some of the population, and many would rather risk the virus than the vaccine itself, finding the virus safer. Then there’s also the fact that the vaccine doesn’t exactly make you immune to the virus at all.

The reasons are many, but the Democrats are definitely one of them. Americans don’t respond well when force becomes involved, whether it’s attempts at forcing it through administrative channels or even through social pressure. Democrats are notorious for attempting to push their agenda through bot,h and it’s going to make people wary, if not outright rebellious.


Trump is correct, however. The hypocrisy doesn’t help.


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