Democrats Have Made the Upcoming Midterm Elections About Who We Are as America

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

By now, you’ve likely seen the clip of President Joe Biden effectively declaring himself king of America by issuing an “executive order” that will force businesses with over 100 employees to mandate being vaccinated or else issue weekly COVID-19 tests.

Outside of a minority of Americans and blue-checks on Twitter celebrating Biden getting serious about getting people vaccinated through force, the rest of America did what Americans do and vowed not to comply. As well they shouldn’t. Biden has neither the legal authority nor moral right to enact such an order on private citizens.

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The inherent rebelliousness of Americans is now shining through, and Biden can’t catch a break. As my colleague Nick Arama reported, college football games have featured mass chants of “f**k Joe Biden” that seem to spontaneously pop up out of nowhere.

It’s not a good sign for Democrats that Americans from all over the country are chanting the same thing during America’s favorite sporting event, but I don’t just mean politically. Power between political parties rises and falls as C.S. Lewis’s “law of undulation” takes effect in all facets of life, be it economic, medical, or cultural. Every person in every party, at least the ones with realistic outlooks, understands that though their party may win today, it may lose tomorrow. Republicans will retake control at some point, and then Democrats will probably regain power, and back and forth and back and forth.

But recently, elections have had far more consequences than before. Even back when Obama was looking to take power, people understood that something had switched in the Democrat party. It was no longer focused on American exceptionalism. In fact, Democrats had outright disdain for the country. Even the words used by Obama clued people into just how little America meant to the left, such as the excitement they had when he claimed he was going to “fundamentally transform” it.

After that, the power grab began. Obama passed the ACA (or Obamacare) which forced Americans to purchase healthcare. The Supreme Court, with its constructionist judges, ruled the obviously unconstitutional act as legal by passing off the fine for not purchasing healthcare from the government as a “tax.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi marched the gavel she used to pass the legislation down the street past angry protesters, in a clear and obvious statement about who’s really in charge.

At that moment, Democrats tasted blood and they wanted more. Fast forward to today, and we now have Democrats overtly giving Americans unconstitutional orders and tell us that their patience is wearing thin with our disobedience. Meanwhile, they’re wanting to push legislation that fundamentally changes our election process by taking decisions on how we vote out of our hands and puts it directly into theirs with the “For the People Act.” All of this is happening while they desperately cling to lockdowns and mask mandates over a virus that continues to prove to be shrug-worthy for the vast majority of Americans.

Biden and the Democrats have drawn a clear line in the sand. The upcoming midterm elections are more than just opinions on policy, it’s a question to the American people. Do you want to remain a Republic, or do you want this to be an oligarchy?

There will come a day when this question is posed and America as a majority will say “oligarchy,” but it’s clear we haven’t reached that day yet. Clues are littered everywhere that the majority of America still wishes to remain free, be it overt examples of rebellion during football games, to the fact that social media companies are working overtime to silence people at the behest of clearly desperate activists and politicians who need narrative control.

How America votes here will be a clear indicator of what this country is. We can expect foul play and cheating. We know the media will paint a picture of an America willing to embrace overt control and the deletion of rights and freedoms. But now we know it to be a lie, and it’s unlikely that the left will be able to pull the same trick twice in many locations around the United States in terms of confusing the vote.

The important thing is to make sure we show up and not buy into this idea that our votes don’t matter or that the left will cheat their way to victory anyway. That defeatist attitude will be the thing to cheat us out of our country. Midterm elections are more about local politics and it’s far harder to cheat a community when that community knows itself.

Vote accordingly.


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