The Media Is Severely Underestimating Trump's Chances in Future Elections

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The left is pretty positive it defeated President Donald Trump during the 2020 election, but watching the way they still attacked him either through legal or social channels, you could only come to the conclusion that they still consider him a threat.


Lately, their method of attacking him has been to minimize his impact on the Republican party and the decreasing enthusiasm of voters to pull the lever for him when the time eventually comes. One article, in particular, came from The Hill, which put forward the argument that Trump is striving to stay relevant:

Former President Trump is trying to maintain his political relevance — and it could be a tough battle.

No one disputes that Trump is the central figure in the Republican Party. But his chief enemy right now is time.

Almost eight months into President Biden’s administration, Trump cannot command attention as easily as he once did. And if Trump really does have ambitions to be the first president since Grover Cleveland to serve nonconsecutive terms, he will need to remain central to the political landscape until 2024, while holding no office.

To be fair, The Hill does make it clear that he’s still maintaining his position in the public eye despite his being banned from major social media platforms, but that his once blistering commentary has been watered down due to it. They’re not wrong, but I’d advise them not to forget history.

Trump’s rise to fame happened very suddenly. The famous escalator ride in Trump Tower was the first moment that many in America even considered Trump as a political figure, and even then, many in America were shrugging him off and laughing at the prospect that the guy who failed to sell steak to Americans would make it to the White House.


After that, Trump’s personality and grandiose proclamations about what he’d do once elected carried him far, but Trump was only a piece of the puzzle.

People forget that the Trump administration wasn’t a creation of the Republican party. They opposed him at every turn. Indeed, it was hardly a creation of Trump’s. His election was the result of a Democrat party that had convinced itself that America was due for a fundamental restructuring that put extreme ideologies in charge of everything from economic policy to entertainment. The coastal elitists had grown so cocky that they were openly looking down on middle America and their hubris only made their ineptitude stand out like a cold sore.

Trump was equal parts a Democrat action and an American reaction.

Trump could go radio silent for a year and still return when the time comes with just as much popularity because the left will have only pushed more and more Americans toward someone like him with their mounting extremism. In fact, they’re making the exact same mistakes as they did during the Obama era, only I’d say they’re doing it more.

So long as they continue to do this, with clandestine injections of CRT into schools, abandoning Americans oversees, massive spending bills, placing more importance on social justice than actual justice, support for legitimate communists, and anti-police rhetoric, Americans will always think “wouldn’t be great to have a leader who wasn’t this way?”


Only now Americans will think “we did and maybe we should bring him back.”

Trump’s return, barring any major setbacks to his health or image, is very, very likely and the left will have only themselves to blame.



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