The One Phrase That Proves the Left Is Backed Into a Corner on the Afghanistan Narrative

The One Phrase That Proves the Left Is Backed Into a Corner on the Afghanistan Narrative
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Democrats have no excuse for Afghanistan and they know it. We know they know it because they’re doing everything in their power to erase the Afghanistan atrocity from the public memory by seeing to it that it can’t be discussed in an official capacity.

As Dan Crenshaw told Fox News earlier today, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats wouldn’t allow bills to be voted on in the House that does things like refuse to recognize the Taliban or even agree upon a game plan on moving forward. Previously, Pelosi wouldn’t even allow the names of the 13 fallen service members who died in Kabul to be read out loud on the House floor.

Why? No official reason, but Crenshaw was likely correct when he suggested they’re doing this in order to avoid having to be accountable for their decisions.

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But it’s hard not to separate the guilty from the crime when it’s right in front of your face and the left is having a very hard time coming to terms with the fact that their party screwed up so egregiously. Usually, they can find some workaround argument that makes it seem like what Democrats did in this instance was actually a good thing — it’s doubtless that Democrat message crafters are sitting in rooms attempting to come up with this narrative now — but so far they’ve come up with nothing.

In these instances, when your back is against the wall like that, the next step is to somehow paint your political opponents as the real cause of all of this. Even now, Democrats have tried to push this on Trump but haven’t been successful. Trump has made it clear that withdrawal was in his game plan but that’s not at all how he planned to do it. His involved a multi-tiered plan that evacuated everyone and everything, forcing a deal between the Taliban and the Afghanistan government and warning them if they violated this agreement then he’d light them up like a Christmas tree. Qasem Soleimani’s name would likely be dropped here and there as proof of his word.

The issue for Democrats here is that Americans largely believe Trump when he says this. We have no reason to disbelieve it. Soleimani’s smoldering remains back this up.

With nothing the left can cling to in order to keep their reality firmly intact, they’re left with one last desperate move. They have to paint Republicans as equal to or worse than the terrorists that killed 13 members of our military and even now threaten Americans left behind in Afghanistan by the administration they voted for.

This is where you start to hear titles lobbed at conservatives like “American Taliban.”

For instance, when Texas passed its recent abortion law that bans abortions after six weeks. For the left, this is nothing short of catastrophic, and proof that those dastardly Republicans are the true evil in this land, what with their quest to make sure babies aren’t killed by the thousands out of convenience.

Comparing conservatives to the Taliban isn’t just dumb, it’s insulting, but not to conservatives. It’s insulting to anyone who actually had to fight the Taliban in order to secure the safety of Americans back home. It’s insulting those who lost their lives to these actual villains who consider a few dozen executions and dozens of exchanges on the sex slave market a slow Tuesday. This is real evil we’re talking about here, and the left wants you to think that some people saying “hey, maybe we don’t kill children in the womb” are legitimate terrorists.

But it’s not necessarily for anyone else’s benefit. The majority of Americans know Republicans and the Taliban aren’t remotely the same.

The left says this for their benefit. It’s their big inhale of “copium” keeping them from seeing the veil being ripped back and exposing the reality that the party they’ve supported all this time are the actual bad guys. It shows us their desperation and mental instability. They know we’re not like the Taliban in their heart of hearts, but they have to tell themselves that to stay firmly rooted in their belief that they’re the good guys in this story.

They’re not.

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