After All the Dramatics and COVID Spreading, Democrats Failed to Stop Texas Passing Its Election Integrity Law

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You love to see it. Democrats tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it didn’t even matter because Texas passed its election integrity law, shutting down attempts by the left to give themselves an advantage in the Lone Star State.


For a time, the Democrats of the Texas House took center stage as they bravely ran away from their jobs and broke quorum in order to halt the passage of a bill that would make the state’s elections safer, more secure, and more orderly. Instead of debating and voting like they were elected to do, they hopped on a bus with a case of Miller Light (really?) and super-spread their COVID around our nation’s capitol.

A drama proceeded to unfold with promises of arrest, sing-a-longs of “We Shall Overcome,” and most importantly the promotion of the “For The People Act,” a Democrat attempt to seize power over elections in all 50 states from the federal level. The trained seals in the media couldn’t applaud the Democrats hard enough and cursed those tyrannical Texas for attempting to stop all the people Democrats claim to care about from voting with their insidious voter ID and lack of mail-in ballots.

No word on whether those would-be mandatory vaccine passports would count as ID, but I digress.

In the end, it was all for naught. According to the Texas Tribune, the drama is officially over as the bill Democrats attempted to showboat about was sent to Abbott’s desk for signing:


Three months after House Democrats first broke quorum to stymie a previous iteration of the legislation, Republicans in the House and Senate on Tuesday signed off on the final version of Senate Bill 1 to further tighten the state’s voting rules and rein in local efforts to widen voting access. Abbott, a Republican, said he will sign it into law.

This is all great news for the state of Texas as its elections will become far less rife with fraud and manipulation. Texans of all stripes will be able to rest easier about their local elections being fair, no matter who they are, what their income is, or what race they belong to. The Democrat’s attempts at painting this as a racially charged attempt at stopping minorities from voting will soon prove false, as it always does.

But let’s be very clear about what this is really about. It wasn’t about election “fairness.” Democrats knew from the get-go that they were going to fail and this bill was going to pass. The goal was to make as big a scene about it as possible so they can narrative drive about how the bill is racist, classist, and all about keeping Republicans in power. They needed people to believe that Republicans were really working hard to keep rich white men in power.


If they were capable of securing that message in the minds of Americans, then going forward into midterms they could use that as ammunition.

“Republicans are trying to shut you down! Get out and vote for us to stop them!” they’ll say.

Sadly, it might work on more than a few people. They know that once the numbers play out, Republicans will be proven right, so the best way to counter that is to make sure they get out ahead of the hard data and turn people’s hearts off to it. It’s a very typical part of the Democrat playbook. Narratives over facts.


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