Sometimes, Peace Really Isn't an Option

(AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, File)

I really wish we lived in a world where a kind word was enough to disarm someone of their anger and help settle matters in a civilized way. I really do wish negotiations were always held in good faith and that peace agreements were made as quickly as a Chick-fil-A drive-thru line.

But it’s not. We live in a world of extremists, opportunists, and evil. In this world we live in, the only language these people understand is the words you say at the point of a gun. Maybe then they’ll be ready to deal, but sometimes, it takes even more than that. Sometimes, it takes complete annihilation.

I’d like to say the Taliban, ISIS-K, and Al-Qaeda are teaching us this now, but it’s more of a re-upping of an old lesson.

People forget we ended WW2 on the back of an atomic explosion that we had to drop on Japan. Many people, to this day, wonder if two atomic bombs were necessary, and it’s proof that we’ve forgotten just how maniacal brainwashed people can be.

People forget how Japanese leaders were willing to sacrifice their own people — man, woman, and child — in order to win the war. If they lost territory, they would force the population to commit suicide, sometimes in nightmarish ways. Even after the first bomb dropped, Japanese military leaders were dead-set on continuing the war until every Japanese person was dead. It was the second bomb that finally forced the hand of the Japanese emperor to address his people directly about stopping hostilities and ending the war.

Without the overwhelmingly destructive power of the United States, the war would have dragged on for far longer — resulting in far more dead than the bombs created.

Watching the Afghanistan debacle play out, it would appear that the Democrats in charge at the White House (it’s clearly not Biden) seem to have forgotten this lesson. They’ve forgotten that sometimes, peace isn’t an option, and that overwhelming force and firepower are the only solutions we have to a peaceful resolution.

Over the years, the Taliban have made it absolutely clear where they stand on peace. They’re willing to make deals, yes, but at the end of the day, they’re a radical group of religious extremists who have been taught all their lives that their ultimate goal is to conquer, convert, and subjugate. They, like all other radical Islamist military forces, are only as tolerant of those around them as their use allows them to be. They have no issue murdering, raping, and torturing anyone who isn’t them. In fact, they’ve been told that doing so is the path to Heaven.

They respect nothing…except how good their enemy is at dealing death to them. The United States has proven to be something to fear. It held the Taliban at bay for years ,and we even got to a point where no American died there for two years, thanks to the deadly efficiency we demonstrated time and again. We were feared.

Yesterday, we lost American lives in Afghanistan because they forgot. The Biden administration and the Democrats let them forget, and instead, they’re learning that bullying Americans is okay, because there really won’t be too much backlash.

Again, I really wish this wasn’t necessary, but it is. We need to forcefully remind them that killing Americans has consequences, and not just them, but the world. Let them see that drawing American blood results in devastation and destruction the likes they’ve never seen. Let them see men bearing the American flag on their uniforms drop from the sky, as jets, gunships, and drones go soaring overhead. Let them witness their terrorist friends fall, one by one, to the oncoming American force that can’t be stopped. Let them witness their bunkers and hideouts disappear into a crater by missiles that seem to fall out of nowhere.

Then, once we’ve gotten everyone out that we can, including our Afghan allies, we can leave.

Then, and only then, will they finally understand what we’ve been trying to tell them. We’ll finally be speaking their language and the last word will be ours.

“Don’t you ever f*** with us.”


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