The Battle Against Vaccine Mandates Is On: One Texas Woman Pulls Together a Rally to Resist

If you feel like mandates concerning masks and vaccines are wrong, then you’re definitely not alone. Forcing someone to inject anything into their bodies, or forcing them to wear a piece of cloth somewhere on their bodies at all times, isn’t just un-American in every sense, it has historically horrific implications.


One Dallas woman has decided to bring as many people who are against these mandates into one place and is already attracting attention.

Taylor McCray is a Texas A&M graduate with a BA in communications, and she’s using that communications expertise to put together a rally on September 5th, in the city of Ft. Worth. She’s calling it the “Will You Stand” protest, to be held at the 1895 Courthouse 100 West Weatherford Street, and it will feature speakers such as Eric Matheny of Bob and Eric Save America podcast and Sara Gonzales of TheBlaze. She’s also lined up musical talent Five Times August.

She’s not done yet. She hints that more speakers may be making appearances as well.

But she doesn’t want it to stop there. McCray wants this rally to spawn rallies across the nation.

My hope is that every city across the globe will unite to send a message that We The People outnumber the mob, we will not comply with a tyrannical regime,” McCray told RedState. “We were created to be free and live in freedom.”


McCray said that she is already in talks with people around the nation that are putting together their own protests under the “Will You Stand” banner, and noted that this is more of a decentralized, grassroots effort than a singular organized entity attempting to put together a mass protest.

When asked what inspired her to put this protest together, McCray told RedState that it came to her after a lot of prayer and, in no small part, frustration at watching Americans give up their freedoms willingly.

“A large portion of our society willingly gave up their freedoms and rights instead of doing their own research and fighting back,” McCray told RedState. “America was founded upon the idea that Her people could live freely without government intrusion. If our country is not free, we are not safe. People have the right to govern their own bodies and should not be bullied into compliance or be forced to inject poison into their bodies.”

McCray said that listening to New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio casually talk about requiring vaccine passports to do so much as eat dinner and noted that she believes many other places around the country are going to attempt the same step. With other countries protesting the exact same thing, McCray believes America needs to step up and lead the way.

“I have seen other countries such as France, Italy, Poland, Israel, etc protesting vaccine cards, passports or mandates and begging America to get off the bench and fight for our American rights and liberties,” she told RedState. “America is the leader of the free world and should lead the fight against forced injections. We should not wait until vaccine mandates are a reality in the United States to fight against this government overreach.”


McCray has seen these calls herself. At one point, she went live on Twitter and encouraged viewers ranging above 25,000 to stand up and fight back. The response wasn’t just national, it was global. Perhaps the global response has arisen from a recognization of mandates like these being done before in the world’s history, as McCray recognized.

“What is happening in America reminds me of Nazi Germany and Hitler’s rise to power,” she said. “He rose to power by capturing the minds and hearts of youth. He used bribery, flattery, manipulation, and fear to force compliance. We see that the Biden admin, CDC, political talking heads, celebrities, medical professionals, etc are using similar tactics.”

She also caught the attention of Pastor David Scarlett of His Glory Worldwide and will be appearing on his show on Monday.

Her conviction appears to be infectious, and she’s hoping others will catch it too, and fight against the mandates with the same zeal.

“I hope that God will use my voice to empower His people to fight for their freedoms and rights across the globe,” McCray told RedState. “I hope that my global call to action will enact worldwide change. We The People are God’s army. I know that no weapon formed against us will prosper and each of us was called for a time as this in some capacity.”


“American’s have a duty to safeguard our Constitutional rights and defend our republic from domestic and foreign enemies when the government fails to do so,” she added. “I hope that 9/5/21 will shine a light on the gospel of Jesus Christ and send a global message that freedom is worth fighting for.”

McCray herself can be contracted on Twitter at @TaylorMcCrayUSA, with the same name for Telegram and GETTR.



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