Megan Rapinoe Insults Canada After They Handed Her Another Loss, but Canadians Fire Back

The U.S. Olympic women’s soccer team isn’t doing so hot as it’s getting handed loss after loss, the latest one from Canada. It was a tough moment for the American team, and the team’s “star,” Megan Rapinoe gave an interview that involved a couple of shed tears.


It also included a snipe at Canada.

“It’s terrible. We just didn’t have it today,” Rapinoe said according to ESPN. “Just too many errors from us again. I felt like the space was there for us to play and we just couldn’t get into it, too many touches or, you know, an errant touch.

“That’s football,” she continued. “They got, I think, one shot on goal, a PK, and from what it sounds like it was a PK. So yeah, it’s a bitter one to swallow. Obviously, we never want to lose to Canada. I don’t think I’ve ever lost to Canada.”

“So it’s a bitter one. Obviously, there’s still a lot to compete for. That’s what I told the girls and what we talked about in the huddle. It’s not the color we want, but there’s still a medal on the line,” she added. “That’s a huge thing and we want to win that game, but yeah, this is … this sucks. It sucks.”

Rapinoe’s swipe at Canada’s skill as a soccer-playing country ventured into bad sportsmanship territory, which is par for the course of Rapinoe who isn’t exactly known for spreading around positivity and fair-mindedness.

Canadians, normally known for being overly polite and nice, had a few things to say to Rapinoe in return.


As gracious in defeat, as she is in victory.

While it’s sad that the U.S. soccer team had to lose to anyone, many people aren’t exactly feeling sympathetic about the U.S. team’s losses. In fact, some are flat-out enthusiastic. Rapinoe’s behavior has been nothing but awful throughout her time in the spotlight, causing many to want as much humble pie shoved down her throat as humanly possible.


Rapninoe’s anti-American stances have tainted the team, and indeed the Olympics in general by making things more about the politics than the competition. It’s clear that it’s not about doing the best you can on behalf of your country, but doing what will get you more attention for yourself, and as such, many are quite happy about the U.S. team’s loss, especially in America.

But now we can throw Canadians into that mix as well. Not only are they happy that their team won, but they’re happy that our team lost and all because of Rapinoe’s garbage attitude.


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