'Woke' US Women's Soccer Is Broken Badly as Another Stunning Loss Seals Their Fate

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Generally going into the Olympics, Americans are usually pretty enthused to root on the American athletes.

But this year, not only was enthusiasm lacking with the absence of an audience for the events, Americans felt split in their support for U.S. athletes who were representing us but weren’t being supportive of the country. The viewing audience for the Olympics has cratered, in part, because of those politics. The Olympics previously forbid political displays. Indeed, that was supposed to be the whole idea behind the Olympics, to meet on the field of sport in fair competition, without politics. Now they’re allowing it and it’s coming back to bite them.


Perhaps the team or athlete that has gotten the most negative reaction from Americans has been U.S. women’s soccer. They are ranked number one in the world so they’re naturally expected to win, as they have in the past. But after the whole team knelt in solidarity with Black Lives Matter before their first game with Sweden, Americans were not enamored of that. The team then lost their first game to Sweden, ending their 44 game winning streak. As we noted, the “go woke” folks went “broke.”

When you’re concentrated on pushing leftist agenda items, you’re not fully concentrated on what you’re supposed to be doing — playing your sport — and it can obviously have an effect.

So it didn’t start well and now it’s not ending well for them, either.

This morning, the U.S. team knelt before their game again and they got upset again, losing to Canada for the first time since 2001. Which now means the team is out of gold medal contention.

Canada beat them on a penalty kick, 1-0, so they will play the winner of the Sweden-Australia game for the gold medal. The U.S. team will have to settle for the possibility of winning the bronze against the loser of Sweden-Australia.


One really can’t feel sorry for them. Americans want a team that’s proud to represent the country, that doesn’t honor a group that despises America and terrorized it for a good part of the last year. People are just tired of the carping and the politics so they no longer have any sympathy for this kind of nonsense.


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