Watch as Students Attempt to Comprehend Cuban Protesters Waving the American Flag

In modern times, a college is a place where students don’t go to learn how to think, but what to think, and they’re pretty much all being taught to think the United States is really crappy place filled with really crappy people.


According to the professors and media figures they watch, America is nothing but an amalgamation of racists, sexists, and capitalists who scream freedom out of one side of their mouth and “but not for these people” out of the other.

So imagine their surprise when people in a communist nation begin waving the American flag around while protesting against the socio-economic system of oppression their professors taught them was the bee’s knees.

In the latest video by Campus Reform, an interviewer asks students to talk about what they believe America is and what our flag symbolizes. You’d be unsurprised to hear many of them had very few positive things to say about our country and its symbol, and I’d list the things they did say, but at this point, it’d be like posting the lyrics to a song where all the subsequent verses were the same as the first.

The real good part of the video is when the interviewer shows them pictures of Cuban and Hong Kong protesters waving American flags and asks them why they might be doing that. What follows is the equivalent of a dog attempting to learn math.

The deer in the headlights moment doesn’t necessarily last long. Soon, the students are dismissing the protesters, and even self-aggrandizing to boot.

Two students called the Cuban protesters “naive” for waving the American flag, and one even said students his age have a much better understanding of what’s going on in America.


“Like, our demographic, they are, like, the only ones, for the most part, who truly understand. College-aged students have, like, a pretty firm understanding of, like, for the most part of, like, what’s going on, and, like, I guess all the inequity in America,” the student said.

Like, I guess, like, they’d know better about, like, things and stuff because, like, their experience with the world is relegated to having everything they’ve ever done, like, paid for by their parents and that’s known for giving you, like, a really wide perspective on things.

I’m happy to know that these kids don’t entirely define the future of our country and that there are young adults with a good head on their shoulders, but the fact that many have been taught that they’re more up to speed on the world than people who have actually had to experience hardship, and would really like to flee it, is mind-blowing. Schools should be telling these kids that the one thing they should know above all is that they know very little and that the quest for knowledge never ends.

This is a classic example of first-world stupidity. God help us.


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