The Perversion of Captain America Is Very Purposeful

Lately, I’ve been tackling the fact that certain creations are being perverted by the radical left which, sadly, has full control over the mainstream media, including the vast majority of beloved stories and characters.

One of their most recent targets is the Lord of the Rings, wherein the left is now trying to introduce queer concepts into the story that Tolkien never would have intended, much less allowed. They do so under the guise that they’re attempting to make the world of Middle Earth more “inclusive,” but what it really is, is an attempt to inject radical left philosophies and normalize beliefs by perverting a widely beloved tale.

(“Queer Leanings”: How the LGBT Activist Community Is Telling Themselves Stories)

It’s likely, by now, that you’ve heard about Captain America now being put into the crosshairs. As my colleague Alex Parker reported, Captain America is now denouncing America and insinuating that the American dream is a lie and, wonder of wonders, that it’s inherently racist.

“Here’s the thing about a dream… A dream isn’t real. When we wake up, it goes away. And we’re left with this yearning inside. Like something was taken from us. At least, that’s one kind of dream. But lately, spending my days in this country, as the years march on by — I’m starting to think America actually has two dreams. And one lie.”

“The first American dream,” the superhero surmised, “is the one that isn’t real. It’s the one some people expect to just be handed to them, and then get angry when it disappears, when the truth is, it never really existed in the first place.”

“This is the white picket fence fallacy that, if we’re not careful, becomes nationalism. Jingoism. That dream isn’t real. It never was. Because that dream doesn’t get along nicely with reality. Other cultures. Immigrants. The poor. The suffering. People easily come to be seen as ‘different’ or ‘un-American.’ The white picket fence becomes a gate to keep others out.”

It’s not the first time Cap has been put into the crosshairs for leftist perversion. There was, at one point, a very loud and angry push to force the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Steve Rogers to be gay lovers with his childhood friend and war buddy, Bucky Barnes.

The issue is that there is a myriad of superheroes out there. More than you’ve likely ever heard of, and they run the gamut from being white, straight, and Christian patriots like Steve Rogers, to homosexual, black, female, Hispanic, and more. There are anthropomorphic ducks, even.

Yet, their push is to pervert Captain America. They want Rogers more than anything to say what they would say and believe what they believe.

It’s important to remember that it’s not about Rogers the character, it’s about Rogers the symbol. The embodiment of America made into a character has to be perverted, changed, disillusioned, and ready to turn his back on everything he believed, because he suddenly realized that the thing he believed in is a lie.

He has to believe America is a racist place that mistreats immigrants and hates poor people. The incorruptible individualist needs to turn from his American ways and embrace that of the woke — because the woke believe that if they can turn Cap, they can turn you.

In the end, all they’re managing to do is desecrate yet another beloved piece of our Western literary history, and if they can’t succeed in turning you, then the destruction of a character you love for all the reasons they hate is good enough.

These aren’t just ideologues, they’re cultural terrorists. The destruction of the West and everything it stands for is the ultimate goal. They’ll pervert and twist everything you love until you have no literary inspirations to stand on, demoralizing you and making the twisting of future generations even easier.

This isn’t just an attack on Captain America, this is an attack on the west and it’s pure, unadulterated evil.


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